Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Accessorize Wishlist

Accessorize Wishlist
I basically never wear jewellery.

There. I admitted it. I just DON'T,

I OWN jewellery. I just don't wear it. I am hopeless at accessorizing. I just can't do it. I don't understand what looks good together, especially because I tend to wear quite bright and heavily patterned clothes, I have no idea what goes with them. Recently I've started cheating a little bit as I bought some tops from Apricot that were basically designed with necklaces already attached to them, therefore making a good match. My boyfriend has been commenting pretty heavily lately on how much he's been liking the necklaces that I've been wearing, quickly followed by a disappointed glance when he finds out that actually they're just built into the shirt. And therefore, I decided maybe, just maybe, I'd try and buy some new jewellery.

First of all, guys, pretty much every shop has really disappointing choices right now. However, Accessorize has pulled through and I found some great choices from them this time around. Here are some of my favourite pieces that I hope to be wearing soon!

LEFT: I love this flowery necklace, it's so summery and flowers are basically my favourite thing at the moment so I'd love to give this one a try. Below that are some lovely leaf earrings, they look much better on the proper background so if you like these in theory, do click through to see them on the Accessorize website as they do look much better there and you can see how pretty they are. And below that, yet another necklace - I just love the colour on this one!

MIDDLE: I am a big elephant fan so of course I had to include an elephant necklace. Next to that are a lovely pair of best friend owls - I wouldn't buy this as I just don't have anyone who'd wear it with me, but if I did I would love something like this! Below is this necklace which is honestly probably my favourite piece, it's a really nice design and I love the galaxy print in the background. And below that, more owls! But this time googly eyed ones which I think are really cute. I already own a few pairs of owl earrings and I really do like them, but the eyes on this just make them.

RIGHT: I really like this feather necklace - it's simple, and yet really versatile and I think you could match a lot with it. More owl earrings, and then two bracelets. You see, if I'm not a jewellery person, I'm really really not a bracelet person. I have really thin arms and so most things just look ridiculous on them, but I'm tempted by these two. I'm probably going to go with the bottom one, as for someone who doesn't wear bracelets I think the middle one might be a bit too clunky.

If you like the look of any of these, do click on the image to go to my polyvore page where you can click on any of the items to view the prices and go over and buy them. Alternatively, if you'd like to view the full range then do check out Accessorize's website, here!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Little Life Update

Hello world!

I feel like it's been ages since I posted here, but actually it hasn't been anywhere near as long as I thought it was.

A lot has changed in the last couple of months, so here's a little bit of an update for you on what's been going on.

Firstly, two of the bigger things that have changed my schedule. First of all, my job. I still work in the same job, but I've changed teams and gone for a bit of a specialist role for a few months. This has actually given me a much better rota, I really really do prefer it, however I generally only get two days off a week now. I know this seems a bit of a silly thing to have a problem with for most of you reading this who work normal hours so only get two days off anyway, but I'm used to having three or four days off each time. I'm not quite used to just having two and I'm struggling to fit everything in! Yes, before I used to work six or seven days each time, but then I really made the most of the four days off. I always had one lazy day where I did the laundry and cleared the house, and then three days for everything else to happen. Right now I still have the one day for the flat clean, but that then only leaves one day for EVERYTHING ELSE to happen. Oops. I'm getting used to the new rota though, like I said I do much prefer it, but I'm struggling a little to fit everything else in.

I also have a boyfriend now. I should probably mention him. It's been a couple of months. We both work shifts, which means our time isn't all that compatible and can be a bit of a mission. However, our new rotas actually work much better together so we've been seeing a lot more of each other. After a wonderful beginning we've been a little up and down the last few weeks, but we've just come back from a few days away in the countryside and I really think it's done us a world of good. Why are relationships so hard, guys?

Anyway. I'm going to be posting more frequently again I promise, it's just a matter of working out when I'm going to do it. It's so hard when you're not used to the schedule. My last rota was a six week one and was all over the place, but I was used to it so I knew how to work around it. This one, not so much! I've still been reading all your blogs and keeping up with everything, and have lots of things that I need to get uploading so I can start updating regularly again!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Bottomless Brunch at Urban Coterie

 The other day, I went for a lovely bottomless brunch at Urban Coterie in Shoreditch. As you'll know if you've been reading my blog for any time at all, I am a really big fan of high up restaurants and bars. I've tried a surprisingly high number of them, and yet for some reason Urban Coterie wasn't even on my list!

I was really impressed with the interior of the place. It's beautiful, clean yet colourful and with some lovely lighting. I really liked it and thought it had a great atmosphere.

As part of the bottomless brunch you get two hours of unlimited Mimosas (which really were very delicious) and your choice of three dishes.

I started off with this duck egg and salmon meal, which was really very delicious.

This was followed by waffles, bacon and a poached egg. I was disappointed by this - I thought the bacon's texture was off and the waffle just didn't taste great.

For my final course I picked this chocolate and hazelnut delice - which was good, but really small.

Overall? I was pretty disappointed. This cost £32 and I will say that the mimosas were delicious, but the food I'd say was pretty average. There were three plates but they were tiny and really not filling at all. After eating it I'm disappointed to say I went straight to a supermarket to buy more food as I was still really hungry - and this was bearing in mind the fact that I did also have breakfast before I left the house! The actual restaurant was nice and I would perhaps consider returning again for something else but I really didn't consider the price worth it overall.

You can find all the details here!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Doofy Dinos Phone Case - from Etsy!

The other month I finally decided that enough was enough, I needed a new phone case. I'd put it off for over a year as I've got the HTC One M8 - more specifically, I've got it in the limited edition blue colour which I think is an absolutely beautiful colour. In fact, that's obviously the reason I bought it in that colour - because I like it! However, I just keep managing to catch the corners in my bag and in my pocket and decided it was about time I got a case for it.

Us Android users definitely have less choice than Apple users when it comes to getting pretty cases for our phones, so after having an unsuccessful browse I decided to look on Etsy. Which is when I came across these lovely doofy dinosaurs!

As you can see, it's a beautiful case. It doesn't clash with the blue at all and it's solid so you can't see any of the blue coming out through it. The dinosaurs are cute (I especially love the chubby t-rex) and I've had lots and lots of compliments on this case already. People at work are constantly asking where I got it from! The fit is pretty good - it does feel a tiny bit loose as you can move it up and down, however I've gotten used to this and don't actually notice it anymore. More importantly, the phone does feel completely secure and I don't see it somehow slipping out any time soon, and there's good access to all of the buttons. It came really quickly as well - only a couple of days after I ordered it!

If you'd like your own doofy dinosaurs, I got them here for £13 from EmSeeItch's store. Do browse the rest of the store, as the dinos are available for lots of different types of phone, and there's plenty of other designs available if dinosaurs aren't quite your thing!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Spring/Summer Clothes Haul; Featuring Gap, New Look and Quiz!

I had a real bad week the other week and so the way I decided to cheer myself up was the old fashioned way of going and buying some new clothes. I spent a bit more than I actually intended to, but I've been getting a lot of wear out of most of these clothes already so no regrets at all here!

Let's start with Gap. First of all I bought this beautiful orange hoodie, which I'm wearing as I'm writing this. It's more orange than these pictures suggest and it's such a nice shade that goes surprisingly well with my colour. It's also super comfortable and probably ideal for warmer evenings as even though I'm wearing it indoors right now it's a little chilly with it on but still super comfortable.

Next up I got this shirt. I LOVE the feel of this shirt. This is one of those tops that I looked at and wasn't entirely sure as to whether I wanted to buy it, as you can get clothes in similar patterns in much cheaper shops like Primark. However, as soon as I put it on I knew I wanted to buy it. Again, it is SO comfortable. The material is super soft and just feels lovely on your skin, and makes me feel a little bit like I'm wearing pyjamas in public but also like I just don't care about that!

My final Gap purchase was these jeans. It took me so long to find these jeans, jeans just don't fit me. I think I'm weirdly sized when it comes to leg length to hip width ratio as I just really struggle to find anything that fits. Luckily, Gap have like a million different sizes and styles and so I took advantage of the fact that I was shopping at an odd time of day and therefore the store was empty and tried on about 14 pairs of jeans. Finally, this pair fit me! Ironically the day after my trusty skinny jeans that I've had for about ten years decided to rip, so it's a good job I bought these ones afterall.

Just one item from New Look, and it's this bikini. I really like this bikini as I think it looks a lot like the range Victoria's Secret sell, but for a significantly lower price. I will say that the top doesn't make the most attractive shape on you, but I really like the colours (and there are other options available if you're not keen on the blue!) and it more than does the job.

And finally, we have two items from Quiz! I mentioned last month that I was really impressed by what Quiz had been bringing out lately, and this month was definitely no exception. They have such bright, beautiful colours at the moment and I'm just loving the design choices. I managed to narrow it down to just two items, the first being this beautiful top.

The final item was this dress, which was really hard to picture. Basically, this dress is multiple lengths. One side of it goes down to my ankles, one side is much shorter, with a sort of inbetween layer to make it all come together. The fabric is lovely and I think this dress will be so versatile. It's also great for people like me - maxi dresses look absolutely ridiculous on me but for some reason this dress doesn't!

Ta-da! What do you think? All items purchased in person from Gap, New Look and Quiz Clothing.