Friday, 29 July 2016

Five Happy Things #001

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001. I made this dish that was SO good I cannot even describe it. It was just using one of Waitrose's recipes from last month and is basically a pasta with some pesto, chickpeas, pancetta and peppers chucked in. That's literally it. But for some reason it is SO good. And for once, it also freezes and reheats well so I've been enjoying it at lunch as well! I think the best part of this dish though, is the discovery of Waitrose's peppers in olive oil. This doesn't sound like it should be anything special, but for some reason these little ones are absolutely amazing. Me and my boyfriend both really really enjoyed these, but we'd both tell you the peppers were our favourite part!

002. Pokemon Go is still one of my favourite things. There are Horseas in real life, guys! How could I not want this?! The other day I think we both forgot we were carrying really heavy bags of groceries and work clothes as as soon as I noticed there was a Bellsprout nearby (which neither of us had yet) we were off trying to find it. Sorry groceries. Sorry hands.

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003. Flowers always make me happy, and this month has been a good one! My boyfriend bought me some pretty little purple orchids, and I also picked up this bunch from Waitrose. They've been placed in the kitchen where they look brilliant, as our kitchen is all black marble so these bright red flowers add a pretty touch of colour. And they were only £5!

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004. We have a beach now! I love it. I am a big sand fan, even when it took about five minutes to have somehow completely filled my bag AND blocked my phone camera from working properly. But it's okay, it was all worth it. Expect a proper post all about this soon!

005. I am a big stationery fan. It is probably the thing I miss most from teaching! And I'm actually a really big fan of Gabby (velvetgh0st)'s new line for Primark. If only my Primark wasn't absolutely rammed even at 10am on a Monday morning...

Monday, 25 July 2016

Dinner at Lima Floral, Covent Garden

I've posted before about my dinner at Lima, London's michelin starred Peruvian restaurant. Well, as I was such a big fan of Lima, we decided to give a go to their smaller restaurant, Lima Floral.

The cocktail was a very strange one! It was a spicey one, which is what you get when you just read the names and don't actually read what is in it. It may have been a bit of an acquired taste, but by the end of the drink I actually really loved it! But perhaps not enough to order a second...

Overall, this was a great meal, and I would honestly say that the quality is not far below Lima. I also much prefered the decoration and atmosphere of Lima Floral - I loved the bright colours!

The food was delicious, although our desserts were most definitely odd. As is always a must in these sort of places, we each ordered something completely different so that we could sample as much of the menu as possible, and the desserts were decisively strange. Not bad, but strange, and I probably wouldn't order either of them again. However, the rest of the meal was absolutely spot on. My friend hadn't tried Peruvian food before but decided to go, and he absolutely loved it as well!

The price wasn't bad at all - For two of us it came to around £80, and this would have been less if we hadn't gone for the cocktails.

When compared to Lima itself, this is a difficult one to pick a favourite. I would probably go with Lima simply because the tasting menu we had there was a really great deal, however I think both offer great menus and a great atmosphere.

Have a look at the menu and make a booking over at their website, here!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Giveaway; Win a Summery Yankee Candle!

With summer very much here, I decided it was probably about time to host a new giveaway - and I thought Yankee Candle's Warm Summer Nights collection was most definitely the most sensible way forward!

I love having a variety of scents around the house and I'm always a sucker for some sort of seasonal candle. If you are too, then why not enter my giveaway to be in with a chance of winning one of the lovely scents pictured above?

If you win, you'll get to pick your choice of a small jar of either Dreamy Summer Nights, Flowers in the Sun, or Passionfruit Martini. My personal favourite is Passionfruit Martini, but they're all very different scents to capture very different moods so perhaps your favourite will be different!

For your chance to win, all you have to do is enter using rafflecopter below. There's no mandatory option, you just have to have completed at least one of the options. This giveaway is open to anybody but you must be living in the UK - sorry! Once a winner is chosen, I'll contact them to get their choice of the candle that they want. Please reply within 48 hours or I'll assume that you no longer want it.

Good luck!

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Follow Friday 011

001. Hayley's posts always end up being very popular with me. Even though I don't typically read beauty blogs all that much anymore, hers is one that I always end up taking a look at. Recently, she posted all about how being a full time blogger isn't for everyone. As always, this is such a fantastically written post on an area that most bloggers just don't cover. I have no interest whatsoever in being a full time blogger though I can see why people would, but I found her perspectives very interesting!

002. Becky always posts the most beautiful pictures, and from her instagram I was already pretty certain I wanted to live in her house. Her newest post which was a look around her kitchen further cemented this to me. I mean - just look at this egg house! Who even knew egg houses were a thing?! So much need.

003. This is the first time I've ever featured a post from Laura here, but her latest post was just SO funny. It's all about dressing like a Pokemon trainer, right down to carrying a little egg around you. Maybe it sounds silly, but as you know I'm very much into the Pokemon addiction (had my preorder for Pokemon Moon since February now, just sayin) and this post was just such a funny read.

004. Another Pokemon post? Oops. Well, this time it's Cat's post on how you know you're a Pokemon Go addict. I found it a very funny read!

005. Hayley uploaded this post all about relateability as a blogger - and, going against what seems to be the norm these days, explained why she really didn't care about how relateable people are. This is an interesting read as it's the opposite side to what you normally view in these sort of posts!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Summery Apricot Fashion Wish List

I've mentioned recently about my love for clothing store Apricot - a store I hadn't actually heard of until I stumbled upon one of their shops, and now their cute fashions are slowly taking over my wardrobe and may actually steal the crown of Favourite Fashion Store away from Oasis. It's time for a bit of a shopping day soon, so to get some inspiration I decided to have a look online to see what was available and try to narrow down my choices a little. Here's my 9 favourites - to view the item, just click the name and price to head on over to Apricot's website to purchase it yourself if you so wish!

First up, we have this beautiful dress that's a little bit different to the majority of the summery dresses out there at the moment. I have an Apricot dress already that looks very similar to this design though with differing colours - it's white with orange and yellow flowers - and it is one of my favourites by far. It's such a flattering style and I get so many compliments on it. Despite already owning basically the same dress, I'm very tempted to get this one as well!

This dress is very different to anything else I already own as khaki and similar colours are ones that I tend to avoid. However, I think this is a really pretty print and I think this would be a really flattering dress.

This dress is one of those rare versatile ones that manages to work really well for both summery day wear and dinner wear. You could get away with a print like this in all sorts of occassions, and it looks so nice and light too - definitely a must right now!

I have a few tops like this already and I just love them. I think a dark coloured top with a bright print over the top looks great, and this one is so loose and flowy looking that I bet it'll be super comfortable. This would look great paired up with a simple pair of jeans and again, I could see myself wearing this both at work and to go and socialise afterwards.

This top is one of those rare ones that you look at and just think, "wow." And for once, not for a bad reason! This top is SO vibrant and colourful and the design on it is so intricate that I just love it. I'm a big fan of statement tops and so this is a must have for me!

I posted very recently about the fact that I'm really not a jewellery person. So you know this one must be a good choice if I've decided to pick it anyway! This necklace features five crystal embellished starfish, and I think it's just so pretty. To be honest, I'd struggle to know what to pair it with as I am hopeless at that sort of thing, but I want it to figure it out with (or just, you know, to sit there and look at) anyway.

I love the print on this, and the style is one I haven't really seen before. I'd like to wear more stomach showing tops as it's my boyfriends' favourite part of me and he is constantly trying to encourage me to show it off a bit. However, most the tops out there I just wouldn't feel comfortable wearing - whereas one like this is still a stomach shower but I think looks much better and much more natural. It's also over 50% off so is a great price!

This top is simple and yet manages to be a little bit over the top at the same time. There's lots to look at, and yet I wouldn't feel out of place wearing it at work. I do really like the style to this as well - I'm getting much more into clothes that use different lengths to their advantages, and I think this is definitely one of those! Plus, again, it's over 50% off so is a great price right now!

9 times out of 10, when I mention Apricot to people at work they've never heard of the brand. I didn't realise how lucky I was to live so near one of their stores! However, this one was the exception, as the other day someone I work with wore this beautiful heart shirt in to work. And she looked great! It's such a nicely fitted shirt and the heart print is pretty without making it seem too young.

View these and the full range over at Apricot's website!

Which is your favourite?