Monday, 10 February 2014

Degustabox: January Box

I recently subscribed to Degustabox, and their January box came the other day. Degustabox is a monthly box subscription company, much like all the various beauty box companies out there - but this one is for food items!

I've tried a few food box companies before but have never lasted more than one or two months with them; and generally, the companies themselves end up lasting not much longer than that! I've just always found them very disappointing. They're filled with these lovely looking niche products that end up still being in my cupboard about two years later because I just have no possible need or use for them.

Well, I'm pleased to say Degustabox may finally have changed my history of bad luck with these food box companies! My huge box arrived today, and the box is filled with much cheaper products than you'll find in other food boxes - but in much bigger sizes. However, what is most important to me is that I'm actually really excited to try the majority of these products, and they're all things that I'll happily potentially try again if I end up liking them. By the way, all products are actual sized! I've had this box for a few days before actually posting this, so there will be first impressions of all products and a more detailed look at any products I've got round to giving a fair trial to by the time the review goes up.

So here's a look at what's inside my January Degustabox...

Go! Kombucha
This is a live tea filled with live probiotic acids, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that apparently cleanse, invigorate and revitalise the body. Frankly, that all sounds a little terrifying to me! The bottle states that it faithfully adheres to the original Chinese recipe, and it's a good sized bottle. My first impressions of this product isn't the greatest, but that's my own issue - It just doesn't sound very pleasant to me and I can't see myself enjoying it! I will definitely be giving this a try though.

Quinola Mothergrain Express
This is a ready to eat Quinoa mix, in the pearl and black variety. They are organic and fair trade products that have won 4 Great Taste awards, and are described as a superfood. This is another product that I'm a little wary of simply because I have never tried anything like it before! But since I've got a pack, and it only takes two minutes to prepare, of course I'll be giving this a try.

Dorset Cereals - Berry Granola
It's sort of sad how excited I am to try this product. I am a big fan of cereals, I would probably eat them all day if I could get away with it. And as well as that, I absolutely love raspberries, to the extent that I quite often get through a punnet a day. Well, this granola consists of oats, raspberries and blackberries and I'm so excited to try it! I have a huge variety of cereals but they're also very unhealthy ones, so I'm really excited to see what this one is like.

On review, I have to say I'm a little disappointed with this product. I think it could have definitely done with a lot more flavour, and I didn't find it all that filling! However, granola isn't something I eat that often at all so maybe I was expecting a little much. I ate it as cereal, but my housemate ate it mixed with some yogurt and told me it was way better that way.

Goody Good Stuff
These are gummy sweets that are all natural and meat free, as well as free from gluten and dairy etc. This box came with two packets; a tropical fruit range which sonsits of pineapple, raspberry, banana, orange and pear, and also a sour mix and match version. I'm looking forward to trying these as I love pick and mix and gummy sweets in general but tend to pretty much stick to the likes of Haribo and wine gums which are frankly getting more than a bit boring to me by now, so hopefully I'll love these!

On review, these are actually really tasty! I didn't expect them to be to be honest, as the texture is a little unusual for gummy sweets, but they were really good and actually sort of tasted healthy which isn't something I was expecting!

Maggi recipe mixes
The box came with three packets of different Maggi products. They are basically simple packs of cooking bags and papers infused with flavours, and I'm looking forward to trying these as I'm completely lazy when it comes to preparing food, and if I like these they will be great for making me eat properly without putting too much effort in! This came with an Italian herbs selection for chicken breasts, a sicky BBQ selection for chicken drumsticks, and a Mexican selection for chicken and peppers. I'm most looking forward to trying the Italian herbs one.

Jules Destrooper
This is a box of Belgian Butter Crisps. And, uh, that's the most I can tell you at this point! I'm not the most excited about these, but my housemate is, and I'm sure I'll get to them eventually!

ZICO Chocolate
This is a drink which apparently comes with all the benefits of their coconut water but with a natural chocolate flavour to it. It states that it's low calorie and provudes a source of electrolytes. I sense that this will either be really nice or absolutely disgusting, but it's an interesting idea and a product I'm not at all opposed to but otherwise probably wouldn't have tried.

Amy's Kitchen - Tomato Soup
These soups are described as being delicious, nourishing meals for health conscious but busy people. Which definitely describes me! I'm interested to see how this will be because it contains organic ingredients which I'm happy about, but I feel it's on the more expensive end for tinned soup - I'm excited to try this because I'm a big soup lover and often make my own but I get fed up with having the same sort over and over again, so hopefully I'll love this and be able to add a bigger rotation to my soup group!

On review: This was so delicious! I didn't even know tinned soup could taste this good. It has a great taste to it and I really enjoyed eating it. I definitely think I'll be buying this again and also trying out some of the rest of the range.

Belvita Breakfast - Cocoa with Choc Chips
These are some seriously delicious looking biscuits! They are made with five wholegrains and are designed for breakfast. It claims to be slowly baked so that it releases energy over four hours, and comes with a whole variety of benefits such as high fibre, cereals and vitamins. I'm just interested in trying anything chocolatey :)

  Overall, I'm really excited by this box and will definitely be seeing what February's box has to offer. There's a big variety of food in this box, and in particular I'm really looking forward to trying the cereals, the gummy sweets, the soup, and the recipe/sauce mixes.

  Degustabox costs £12.99 and you can subscribe here.

  Are you a Degustabox member or thinking of giving it a go? Tried any of these products already?


  1. I'm definitely a granola person, and I'd recommend it with plain yoghurt and maybe a little bit of honey, depending on how sweet a tooth you have! xx Rebecca - UK Style blog

    1. I might have to give it a try! It would be a shame not to use it properly and anything with raspberries always has potential!


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