Monday, 31 March 2014

Degustabox: March Review

  I was a little bit hesitant when I received my text to say that my Degustabox had arrived. See, this is my third month with the company - the first month I was happy as I got some great products and was really happy with the idea. The second month I wasn't happy at all and didn't even do a review on it - it came opened, with products battered to the extent that most of it I didn't eat as I didn't trust it so that month was a waste of money. I decided to keep my subscription for a third month but was really wary about it and this month was definitely the decider month.

  Well - Degustabox, consider it a success. I've even included this photo of everything inside the box to show you how well packaged it was this time! Trust me, this seems like a silly thing to be excited about but if you'd seen the condition of last month, well... But this time, very well packaged, very sealed, everything fits inside perfectly and there's protective wrap around it all. Hoorah! But how were the products...?

Drink Me
This is the first of Degustabox's drinks that I'm actually looking forward to trying! It includes a lovely looking tub of chai latte in chocolate flavour - amazing! I'm not a tea fan at all but this is described as "a velvety blend of tea, milk, spices and chocolate," and I'm SO looking forward to trying it. You just add water or milk and it's 99% caffeine free. The little tub tells you how to make it into a chai latter, an iced chai latte, or how to use it as a cupcake topping - which I love! This looks like you can get a really good amount of use out of it, and I think I'll be taking it to work tomorrow and giving you all an update on it soon. From the same brand came tea:latte, which is a tea and frothy milk infusion in the flavour of Earl Grey. Not entirely sold on this one but I'm definitely going to try it.

In short, porridge! I don't love porridge, but I'm going to give both of these flavours a try. Luckily for me, my housemate does, so if these aren't to my taste I'll pass them on to her and give you a review from an actual porridge fan! These come in the flavours of plain and of cranberry and raisin - which is the one I'm going to be trying first!

Mexican Dave's
This is a ginormous bag of nachos! Ironically, this is the biggest product and therefore the one that I have the least amount of interest in. I do not like nachos, but the people on my police training course do, so thanks Degustabox, this is coming with me to be passed around to keep us awake when it all gets a bit too tedious in my next training day!

Organico Pasta
Italian durum wheat pasta - I am a pasta fan, and as I used to live in Italy I do actually get a bit picky about it from time to time! I actually was planning on buying more pasta tomorrow so this has saved me a trip, and looks a bit different from the sorts I normally buy as well. I'll be trying this out properly some time this week :)

Tyrell's Popcorn
I LOVE popcorn. Doesn't everyone seem to be getting into popcorn right now? It seems like the new fashionable food which is a little bit odd, but I'm very glad for it because it means I get this delicious looking bag of popcorn in my box! There was actually a product from Tyrells last month too - three packets of their apple crisps, and I didn't like them AT ALL, but I'm feeling optimistic about these ones. They come in the flavour "sweet and salty" so hopefully the best of both worlds. I'm a salt popcorn fan myself, so we'll see how they do!

Shaken Udder Milkshakes
You have no idea how happy I was to see these milkshakes! I LOVE milkshakes. I'm actually a bit lactose intolerant so it's really bad how frequently I drink milkshake. Shaken Udder milkshakes are made with real fruit or Belgium chocolate so should be of great quality - I can already tell you they are as I've had the banana one before, but I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours. The box came with all three flavours - strawberry, chocolate, and banana. It also came with a voucher to get a free kid's milkshake and a free bottled milkshake. I can guarantee you right now that I will be figuring out where on earth Tesco's is in order to get those!

Schwartz Flavour Shots
The box came with two of each of the shots pictured above. Basically, you're supposed to add the shot to your pan along with your other ingredients, and that's it! The little shots give you four servings and they include recipes on the lid. I'm curious to see how much of a difference these make, so I'll be giving the creamy herb one a try very soon.

Organico Tomato Sauce
Yet another product I was running low on, some tomato sauce! There's not really too much to say on this product at this point, I do appreciate organic food and I am a pasta fan so this will be given a try very very soon!

In conclusion; well done Degustabox! This month was very much make or break after the disaster that was last month, but they've won me over and this is a box I'm really excited about - although let's be honest, I was delighted from the second I saw the milkshake ;) I can already tell you that I'm going to be using every single product in this box - and I will post additional reviews on the products when I've used them all at some point - I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do them all in a minipost or just include them in my next Degustabox review, but you'll see them all at some point. If you'd like to sign up for Degustabox, just go to !


  1. I've heard of Graze boxes but not degustabox! Shame about your second box, sounds like such a disappointment! Xx

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

    1. This was their third box I think, so still pretty new! They're doing better than most though, I've subscribed to a few food boxes and they've never really made it to this point!

  2. I've heard of Graze boxes but not degustabox! Shame about your second box, sounds like such a disappointment! Xx

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

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  4. Love the sound of the frothy tea - i'll be investigating thisQ!!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. I haven't tried mine yet, keep waiting for the perfect ocassion!

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    thank you have a nice day :)


  6. I've never heard of Degustabox before! I can tell you that the chocolate chai latte powder is gorgeous. I found that I only wanted to use half the suggested amount per cup, so it might stretch even further for you! Also, the Tyrell's sweet & salty popcorn is fantastic! Best of both worlds :)


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