Monday, 10 March 2014

The Body Shop: Blueberry Collection (and review!)

Heads up! The Body Shop currently has a limited edition Blueberry collection out, and of course I had to head on down to Oxford Street last weekend to see how it was.

I'll be honest - before I set out, I wasn't entirely sure if it would be worth it. I couldn't work out if I actually liked the smell of blueberries, because unlike the other fruits to me they don't have a particularly distinctive scent. But still, I was out anyway, so why not head on over?

Well, I'm very glad that I did, because the blueberry collection smells absolutely amazing. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the scent is actually one of my absolute favourites that the body shop currently have, and I'm already thinking about going back to pick up some more because it just smells sooooo good. It's sweet and strong but not at all overwhelming or overpowering. It's a smell that actually makes me happy when I smell it (so yes, I am now an obnoxious person who sniffs themself multiple times when applying the product) and it is absolutely already one of my favourites. I've been such a Lush devotee for so many years, but the body shop seem to be slowly preparing to take over as we speak!

I ended up buying this bottle of blueberry shower gel which was £4. I just love the smell so much that in a strange kind of way I look forward to having extra long showers so I can smell it over and over again (Please don't judge me!) The scent is so uplifting that I really can't mention it enough. It's soap free and lathers up well - though I'm not sure if it's jut me, but I've found it does so less so than the White Musk product I reviewed from the body shop a couple of weeks ago. It's a good size, a bit smaller than most of my shower gels but I actually prefer that as I get bored with heavily scented products quite easily. Unlike Lush products, the smell doesn't linger for quite as long so you won't end up smelling like you're wearing a lot of perfume or with a really scented bathroom - for me, that's actually a negative as I enjoy having a lovely smelling bathroom and body, but if you don't like scents that stick around then that'll be a bonus for you.

The main item in the range is the body butter (£13). I didn't buy this as I already have a couple of body butters and no need for any more and again, it was a nice scent and a thick texture which will be great for hydration through the weird weather the UK is having right now - but as I bought loads of butters in the boxing day sale this would have just been a waste of money for me, regardless of how delicious it smells! There is also a body scrub (£14) which I found was actually the most scented of all of the products - it is strong and delicious smelling and actually the product that made me fall in love with the range - the scrub is supposed to life away dead skin and leave it smoother - I wouldn't ever use this product, but it was the nicest smelling for me. Also available is a body lotion (£8), a lip butter (£4) and a really cute sponge (£3.50).

If you love blueberries or are just curious about a new fruity product, I would definitely recommend trying these out! They are honestly one of my favourite scents right now and I just wish it was in perfume format because I would wear it so often!

Have you tried out the blueberry range? What did you think?


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