Monday, 17 March 2014

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Facial Wash & Overnight Lotion Review

With my skin suddenly going mental for no apparent reason (Hormones? You should be used to them by now! Strange weather conditions? Yes, but they've been like this for months. Not eating well? Well my diet is healthier if anything!) there was only one thing for it. Head off to what is seemingly becoming one of my new favourite stores, The Body Shop, to find out what they have for troubled skin.

  Tea Tree was recommended to me and so I was pleased to discover that The Body Shop had a big collection of goodies in their tea tree range. However, I also found it very confusing! You see, the Body Shop does have a lot of items in this range, but it's quite hard to work out what each of them does and how they're any different from each other. Their products don't tend to have much of a description to them to tell you what you're actually supposed to do with them, and some of them seem very similar. For example, in the tea tree range they have "tea tree clearing foaming cleanser," "tea tree cool and creamy wash," "tea tree facial wash," among others that to me all sound like exactly the same product. There's nothing on them that states what exactly they do so I spent a while staring at them all in confusion trying to work out if they all did the same thing but in different textures or varieties to suit personal preferences, if you were supposed to use more than one of them, etc etc. The Body Shop do some great products but for their bigger skin ranges it can get so confusing looking at them all, especially as a beginner, to try and work out which you need, what they are, and what they're actually supposed to do. Their website does give you more information than the bottles give you, but I'm very much a store browser - plus I want my loyalty points ;) All that being said, I did eventually make my choice of two products...

 Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (£5)
  This facial wash is designed for daily use for blemished skin and is supposed to remove excess oil without overdrying skin, remove impurities, and it states it is clinically proven to give clearer looking skin.

  My first reaction upon trying this product out (and, let's be honest, all of this range) is just how overwhelmingly medical smelling the product is! I'm becoming used to the body shop as a place for pretty and light scents so I couldn't help but be surprised by just how strong the tea tree smells. This isn't something that goes away either really; when using this product, I always now do my face last in the shower because then I can enjoy the scents of my shower gels and soaps before this one completely takes over the bathroom! It's not at all a pleasant scent but I've no doubt you'd eventually get used to it, and though it does disappoint me that it completely overwhelms everything else I won't mind at all if it actually does what it's supposed to!

  When using this product, my face really does feel cleaner. And so far, after using it for a couple of weeks, my skin does seem to have calmed down. However, my skin is a little unpredictable and so I'll need to keep using it for another month or so at least to be fully certain of this, but so far so good. What I can definitely say is that I didn't have a reaction at all to this product, and I have to numerous other facial washes before, so that was certainly a bonus!

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Overnight Lotion (£9)
  This product was a little more expensive compared to the rest of the range, especially when you see how small it is compared to the other bottle I bought for half the price, but the shop assistant told me that it would work to help my scars and marks fade over night; Those are definitely something that I'm concerned about. I don't get spots very much at all anymore, but I'm left with marks of spots that left me about ten years ago and that don't show any sign of budging anytime soon! Oddly, the online description doesn't seem to really back up the description that the shopkeeper gave me, describing it as replenishing moisture overnight and leaving skin looking matte - I guess it does say that it's supposed to improve the appearance of your skin, but that could mean almost anything!

  Well, here's the thing; it does seem to be doing something to my scars. Not massively fast at all - but I've only ever found one product that had a noticeable enormous impact overnight, and that was at a spa where the actual product cost over £100, so frankly I wasn't expecting a £9 product to do anything like that though of course it would be lovely if it did! I've been applying this product directly to my trouble areas and it does seem to be fading very very slowly. Still, I'm happy to keep using it if it'll eventually get rid of it all!

  The Body Shop's Tea Tree range consists of 14 products, with the bestsellers being the overnight lotion (reviewed above), a £3 skin clearing lotion, and a £7 tiny pot of tea tree oil which again the descriptions aren't masively clear on! Overall I'm happy with the products I purchased and my skin feels better for using them - The only real negative is the smell which I don't like at all as it just makes me feel like I'm in a hospital, but I suppose there's nothing you can do about that and the benefits do cancel it out. I just wish the range was a little clearer about what products should actually be used for what as in a larger range like this with many similar products it's hard to work out if you're buying the best product for your needs!

Have you used the Tea Tree range? What do you think?


  1. Lovely, honest post...thanks for sharing! I've heard tea tree stuff is good for your skin and didn't know about this range, so I might look into this a bit more! Danielle x

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