Monday, 7 April 2014

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea at One Aldwych

Yesterday myself and a friend headed off to One Aldwych to try out their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea. This was an exciting one for both of us; he'd never been to afternoon tea before but had wanted to for a long time, and I've been to them quite frequently but haven't been to a themed one for a while. We were torn between this one and the Sanderson's Mad Hatter's afternoon tea, but Charlie won as it just seemed a little more creative.

This was our cocktail! The waiter explained to us that it was magical, and it ended up smoking out our table briefly which was great. My friend informed me later that he'd remembered reading on the website that it would have that result, which was the only reason he'd actually wanted it! It bubbled away quietly throughout the tea which I loved - the taste was pretty nice too! Though the alcohol taste was a little strong for me I still enjoyed it. While I'm here, I should mention the actual teas as well! I had the smooth caramel tea which included vanilla and caramel chunks, and he had the jewelled apple tea which had wild strawberry leaves, caramel, and apple pieces. I don't actually like tea, and despite going to lots of afternoon teas will generally have hot chocolate instead, but I was intrigued by the descriptions of the unusual varieties provided here! Unfortunately for me, well, they still tasted like tea so I didn't enjoy them; but my friend doesn't like tea either and he did like his, so there you go!

First up was the savoury selection; These included horseradish and roast beef on onion bread, cucumber and chive on wholemeal bread, cured smoked salmon and lemon mayonnaise on rye bread, a heritage tomato tart and a leek and stilton quiche. For the most part they were really really nice - My personal favourite was the salmon, and I liked everything with the exception of the quiche - though this cancelled itself out as my friend really loved the quiche, and quite happily ate the remainder of mine! We enjoyed them all (I'm including the offensive quiche as he liked it...) and were then asked if we wanted seconds of any. He had yet another quiche and I had another salmon piece - they were brought out quickly though looked a little silly with a large plate just for two tiny things! They were all really enjoyable, but this is probably the smallest amount of sandwiches I've had at an afternoon tea - especially considering this was by no means the cheapest!

Next up was our main reason for choosing this afternoon tea - the sweet selection! In the little basket on the right was blueberry brioche, scones and cocoa bean financiers. To be honest I found the scones a little disappointing - they came with some delicious jam (seen on the left of the picture - it included apple and plum) but were very plain and seemed like an afterthought. Generally I find myself at afternoon teas really loving the scones the most and eating way too many of them, here I ate them but can't say I left thinking much about them other than that they were there! The brioche was enjoyable enough, and the financiers were absolutely delicious, like mini brownies! Definitely wasn't expecting that.

The rest of the sweet treats seen are a golden egg with vanilla cheesecake and mango puree - this was really good, really nice. The filling was really nice and very well flavoured and the chocolate was delicious too - it tasted a bit like easter egg chocolate, but nicer! The chocolate caramel milk was absolutely delicious, probably my favourite of the sweet treats, it was just so sweet and had such a pleasant flavour. The Eton mess was nice - more yogurty/creamy than usual, but that's actually by far my preference so though it surprised us both I appreciated it for it! The lemon crackle pops were a disappointment - they looked so interesting but were basically just okay taste wise. And finally, the candyfloss - well, I haven't had candyfloss in about 18 years so it was intriguing for me! It was really sticky so I had to pull this ridiculous face whilst eating it because we both discovered very quickly that it would get stuck to our teeth if we didn't. Very nice though!

Overall, I enjoyed this tea. The sandwiches were nice, and the selection of sweet treats was just so entertainingly made that we both loved just looking at them and would take frequent breaks to just stare at them all! The cocktail was really nice too. However, this wasn't really a cheap tea - it was £34.50 per person or £45.00 with the cocktail. Now, I know this is London, and yes there are way more expensive teas in London - however the ones I generally go to are between £10 - £20 and contain double to triple the amount here! I did enjoy it, but you can definitely get better value for money elsewhere, so if this is a concern then I'd recommend you choose somewhere else. However we chose this tea for the novelty factor more than anything else and it didn't disappoint there; perhaps not all of the treats were the tastiest I've had, but the way they were presented to us was really cute and this tea certainly wins when it comes to presentation! I would recommend it, and I would go again, but if money is an issue then you can get much more for your money elsewhere!

If you'd like to go for afternoon tea you can book through their website, here!


  1. Wow this looks very cool! There are just so many amazing afternoon teas in London :) I'm intrigued to know where you go that costs between £10 - £20?!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. I will send you a list of some of the ones I went to over the last year!

  2. This look absolutely amazing! I heard about the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea last week and was completely in love with the idea. The golden egg with vanilla cheesecake and mango purée looks particularly up my street! I'm glad to see you enjoyed yourselves.

    Tom :) Daydream in Blue

    1. It was really really good - it's a shame the area wasn't decorated to match as that would have added so much, but the food itself was creative and really cute anyway! The golden egg was my friends' favourite - I thought it was great but could have done with more chocolate milk!

  3. I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO START FROM! Seriously this place looks like heaven!!! Golden egg with vanilla cheesecake and mango puree - like - I WANNA taste this! It seems you had great time there and thank you for sharing it with us!
    Lots of love,


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