Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Film Review: Divergent

Before I start this review, I should tell you where I'm coming from; I first saw a trailer for the Divergent movie about a year ago and thought it looked absolutely awful and had a silly plot. Then, a few months ago I read the book and surprised myself by discovering that I absolutely loved it to a stupid extent, finding myself reading it at every opportunity - including whilst waiting for my yoga classes to start! I watched the trailer again after the book and STILL thought it looked bad, but wanted to watch it purely out of my love for the book.

So how was it?

Well... I really liked it! To start with, I thought the actor choices were spot on, with the exception of for Peter; absolutely no idea what they were thinking there, but then I could say that about pretty much every other aspect of his character which was a shame. Shailene was a good choice for Tris, Zoe was great as Christina, and the most important one for me? Theo was absolutely perfect as Four. Okay, I don't normally lust over actors, really, I don't! But this was sort of an important one for me as whilst reading the book I absolutely loved how the developing relationship between the two was described and loved finding out more about me. I had a total schoolgirl crush on Four and I genuinely don't remember the last time I felt that in a book. (Okay, I'm lying. Draco Malfoy, but only in the first book. Shut up. I was 11.) Seeing the pictures of Theo on the sides of the buses at the moment just saddened me as he didn't capture the character of Four how I'd expected - but in motion, he very definitely does. Gorgeous and has the character down perfectly.

I also felt that the plot was true to the book, for the most part. I'd say the first half of the movie I found really accurate and I was really happy with how they'd portrayed things. There were a few things that were changed, and with the exception of the ending which I thought was much better (I hardly even remember the ending of the book and I only read it a few weeks ago, that's how dull I found it) I generally thought it was for the worst, but that didn't ruin the movie for me in any way, I just found it a little disappointing. I would also say that not enough time was spent developing the relationships between the characters; In the books Tris, Christina, Will and Al are a big part and you enjoy seeing how they do. In the movie, the same events happen as in the book but without any of the closeness or the building up of the characters, so you lose a lot of the impact because you just don't really care about the characters. In the books you do, but in the movies you see the other three for about two minutes in the entire movie so when anything happens to them you sort of don't care because you haven't really seen them before.

Visually, I thought the movie was great; the world looks great, the wall looks great, the fairground looks great, the factions look great - very happy with all of that! The only exception for me is Dauntless' main area which I thought was disappointing and bare. It sort of looked like an empty room for me, even the famous drop off seemed like an afterthought! The rest of it looked great though. I also can't say I was a fan of the soundtrack, but it didn't really take away from the movie at least.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie but am glad I read the book first as it allowed me to have a much better understanding of things and also made me care a little bit more about what happened to some of the more minor characters. I thought it moved well, was exciting throughout, had the action well spread out and was just interesting to watch. I really enjoyed it! It's also worth mentioning that I went with a friend who knew literally nothing about the books or the plot and was there purely because I wanted to go - he enjoyed it as well, though he needed a bit about the end explaining to him because the movie really doesn't explain what's going on! If you were a fan of the books I would recommend you see the movie as I feel it does do it justice, and if you didn't read them, I'd still recommend you see it!

If you're interested in reading my review of the book, you can do so here :)

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