Friday, 4 April 2014

Kid's Choice Awards 2014 - Hits And Misses

This post is a little different for me, but why not try something new? The Kid's Choice Awards were the other week which is always a good one for me as most of my favourite celebrity females are the sort you'd see featured there. Since there's nothing in the high street I'm really lusting over right now, I decided to share with you my personal hits and misses of the red carpet looks this year! See if you agree.
The Hits
I think these three girls are all looking really cute. I'm a big fan of clothing in yellow and admire the girls who can pull off the more simplistic dresses and still look cute in them, and Ariana has definitely managed that. Not all that sure on her hair though, but I still think it's a good look overall. I do love Victoria and think she's absolutely gorgeous - she probably has the least child friendly outfit of the entire show but I think she looks great in it, it really suits her and I love the pattern and how vibrant it is. And finally, perhaps not your typical red carpet outfit, but I still think it's really cute.

The Hits
I think Christina looks great in this dress - the pattern is really pretty and though I think it clashes with her skin tone/hair a bit, for this occassion that actually works for her. Next is Audrey with a really casual dress that doesn't exactly scream red carpet - I know I've seen copycat versions for about £10! - but it just looks so cute that it really doesn't matter. It really suits her, especially with her hair. And finally Kira - I just think that the colour looks great on her, though the dress is perhaps a little basic looking I think she manages to make the overall look work. 

The Misses
I think I'm in the minority but I just hate Kaley's outfit. I like her, but nothing about this outfit works. The colour doesn't suit her, the style is bland and does absolutely nothing for her, and the pattern is ugly as well. I normally think she's really pretty, but all I see when I look at this photo is that hideous outfit. The same applies for Zendaya - I normally love her style. I think she's adorable and she wears outfits that are truly her own - this is none of that. Sure, the outfit is fine, but not on the red carpet and definitely not on her. This looks like the sort of outfit any teen girl would wear on a shopping trip, definitely not that someone with a great sense of style like Zendaya should choose! And finally, Debby - I just don't get this outfit. It makes her look a lot older than she is and I don't understand her choice at all - it clashes and it just looks cheap.

The Misses
I'm a little torn on this one, because I think Vanessa does sortof look good in this outfit - if you cut off either the bottom half or the top half. It just clashes and looks like she couldn't decide what style of dress she wanted to wear so wore both. Her hair and make up look good, but the dress doesn't work at all. Again with Bella, her hair is looking amazing and green is a colour that clearly really suits her - but this outfit just doesn't. It looks cheap and dull and is just plain unflattering on her - having it come so high up on her doesn't suit her, and I think the shape of the shorts makes it look like she has an odd body shape. And the first and only male of the group, Drake Bell - Drake, I used to adore this guy, but this outfit just makes it look like he's desperately trying to be considered cool again - which, to be fair, I suppose is probably the truth! It just looks a little desperate to me though.

Which were your hits and misses this year?

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