Friday, 18 April 2014

My Celebrity Style Favourite: Taylor Swift

Today I wanted to share some outfits of my current favourite celebrity style inspiration; Taylor Swift. I suppose unusually for a celebrity style crush, it's Taylor's casual/candid outfits I'm in love with. Despite them normally being my favourites for other celebrities I find her red carpet style a little bland, but her casual tastes are absolutely spot on. So with that being said, here's a little glance at some of my favourite looks of Taylor's...
Taylor somehow manages to look great even when she's just going to the gym - something I most definitely do not even try to do! I really like the contrast of the oversized top with the smaller shorts and I think she manages to look really cute in what could otherwise be quite a lazy outfit.

I really like how Taylor manages to put together some seemingly contrasting outfits to make such a pretty outfit. I love how this outfit stands out so much yet looks really simple at the same time. I'm also super jealous of her ability to make that hat look cute, especially with her hair - I look tragic with a hat on, making it extra unfortunate that I have to wear one as part of my uniform!

But it's this outfit that has to be my favourite of Taylor's. Again, I like how she manages to combine so many colours and styles and yet it doesn't look over the top at all. I'm a fan of dresses and tops with contrasting colours and patterns but I'm nowhere near brave enough to try and create a complete outfit with such difference - if I did I would undoubtedly look ridiculous! 

What do you think of Taylor's style?



  1. I love Taylors style also, it just seems so relaxed ☺

    1. Exactly, it always looks so effortless yet clearly isn't at the same time!

  2. She has amazing style doesn't she? I love the plum jeans X
    Heroine In Heels

    1. They're pretty much the perfect shade but if I had them I'd have no idea what to pair them with!


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