Monday, 28 April 2014

The Body Shop: Early Harvest Raspberry Collection

It sure seemed like fate to me that The Body Shop were bringing out their raspberry range right around my birthday so that I had the perfect excuse to go a little bit crazy with products - especially with my free gift for being a member!

I headed off to Covent Garden at the earliest oppurtunity to try out the new products. I wasn't entirely sure how I'd feel about them - you see, raspberries are my absolute favourite fruits. I can get through a whole punnet in a matter of minutes, and do so with worrying frequency! But while I love raspberries for their taste, I wasn't sure if the scent of the Body Shop's products would catch my attention.

Unsurprisingly - they did! The new products are soooo nicely scented that it actually took me a good fifteen minutes of standing there with my friend going backwards and forwards about which one I wanted. Honestly, the body butter (£13) is probably the nicest smelling one and it does feel lovely, but I decided against it. That was definitely the one I loved the most, but I own so many body butters that I don't use all that frequently that I just couldn't justify getting it, although it is such a deliciously scented product that I'll probably return! The raspberry body lotion (£8) is probably the next nicely scented, but again, I didn't know when I'd use it. The body scrub smells great and has a nice texture to it though if I had to choose between this and the blueberry one I'd say that the blueberry one feels nicer on the skin (though of course the raspberry scent is the superior one!) The only product I didn't like, oddly, was the eau de toilette. With how much I loved the rest of the scents you'd think this would be the perfect product for me and I was so excited for it - but I didn't like it at all! There are all sorts of weird scents in it, I can't quite describe it but it smells very artificial with a noticeable amount of alcohol, so it became my least favourite of the products.

The other product available was the one I ended up buying - the shower gel! I seem to be buying slightly too many body shop shower gels lately but they just smell so nice that at £4 I can't help myself! This one is by far my favourite though, I just love everything about the scent and I can tell I'll be getting through this bottle quickly.

There is also a new peach collection - the smell was pleasant, but I found it smelled like peach yogurt rather than peaches themselves! Either way, I ended up getting this cute little peach sponge which I'm very happy with :)

Finally, not a new product at all but I finally gave in and got a fruity lip butter! I'd been putting it off for a while as I have three butters that I bought in the boxing day sales which are all still about half full, but, it's about time I had a fruitier spring/summer scent isn't it?

You can buy the raspberry collection in body shop stores or online here.


  1. I really want to try this range it looks so interesting, I'll be sure to order online so I pick up some discount to. Great review.


    1. It's so yummy! I'm already planning on going back to get some more.

  2. Great post! I'm in love my Body Shop at the moment, they've got some great stuff in - especially their raspberry range. How cute is that sponge?! xx

    1. It's my favourite by far! I love raspberries anyway but these are lush

  3. I didn't even know about their new scent.. I'll have to check out this range when I go in next! Thanks for the post :)


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