Monday, 19 May 2014

Boots Mini Haul

The Blogosphere seems to really rave about Boots and there was so much excitement when their 3 for 2 deal came out - so much so, in fact, that I didn't actually realise until afterwards that Superdrug were currently doing the exact same offer! I haven't gone to Boots for anything other than a quick train station browse for quite some time so decided to brave the rain to head over to one - and honestly, pretty disappointed! I went armed with a list of products I might be interested in and found that apart from one, the Boots I went to (in central London, by the way!) either didn't have the product I wanted or was sold out. The one product originally on my list was one I already owned and just needed a top up of! I decided to spend a bit longer browsing away because I was determined not to leave without fulfilling my deal, so here's the three products I picked up, plus one extra!

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
This wasn't the product I went out for - I had a list of about three different primers that I'd quite like to try, and none of them were available, grrr! I wasn't really sure why I actually wanted a primer as I've managed to go 26 years without ever feeling the need to use one, but as summer is coming I decided perhaps now was the time to give one a go - plus I like the fact that this one claims to, well, stay matte, as I tend to do very long physically active shifts and being shiny isn't a great look at the end of it. I'd have to try it under a few different conditions before I can give you a proper review of this, but first impressions are positive - the main reason I chose this one is because it went on to my skin really nicely and easily, I was surprised at how some of the primers I sampled just didn't seem to want to be on my skin; certainly didn't give me any optimism they'd last a couple of hours in the eat!

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer
I'd not used Seventeen before but frequently heard good things about them. My skin is an awkward shade that very few brands can match (and guess what - the one brand that does perfectly wasn't in stock...grrrrr....) but this one comes pretty close. My skin is doing alright at the moment so I'm not using it enough to be able to give you a good review of all day use, but it will inevitably flare up again, and when it does...!

L'Oreal True Match Powder
I already owned this, though it's old enough that it's in completely different packaging - if it can even be called that anymore, as the container has managed to fall apart so much it's now in four pieces. Please don't let that happen again! Clearly, I like this product as aside from Lush skin care I very rarely buy the same product twice. It has great but natural coverage, comes on smoothly, and unlike other powders I've tried this one doesn't go flaky on me. It lasts really well as well - Mine is normally still holding up pretty well after a 12 hour shift!

Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream
I totally wasn't really expecting this product to work. I'd last used a hair removal cream about seven years ago and it did precisely nothing, but as this was half price I decided to give it a go. It's a bit time consuming to use if you're doing it properly - which I would suggest you do!

You're supposed to apply it using the little spatula that comes with it. I did that with the first leg, but it was really quite time consuming! With the second one I decided to just apply it like a normal cream and used my hands to rub it in - it makes it quite difficult to get it as thick as it needs to be if you choose to do it this way!

After five minutes, you're supposed to use the spatula again to scrape it off. Nothing happened when I did this, so I left it another five minutes. This time, I began to see results! Horrible, patchy results. Some hairs were coming off, some weren't, some were looking quite thick, some weren't. Again, this is quite time consuming to do so one leg got much better treatment than the other - which I decided would primarily have the water to take it off.

So, me and my patchy legs headed off to the shower which you're supposed to use straight after. And I was pleased to see that whilst in the shower, a lot more started to happen! When the water first hit my legs absolutely nothing happened and I was disappointed, but then I rubbed a small patch and was surprised to discover a large clump of hair literally come off! It's actually quite disturbing at first basically pulling clumps of hair out, but it's really easy and doesn't hurt at all. It is worth mentioning that the leg I put less effort in had almost no effect whatsoever - the one that I put more effort into pretty much all of it came out, though there were still some patchy spots. The other one, you couldn't really tell I'd tried to do anything to it!

In a way, I would recommend this. It's really, surprisingly time consuming, so I probably wouldn't bother to use it on my legs because I can have them done in a couple of minutes whilst this took aaaages. However, I would still continue to use this product for more awkward areas like bikini lines that are really difficult to do yourself otherwise, or areas where you get a rash or other skin problem after shaving.

So, that's my minihaul - what's yours? You can check out the website here and by the way, if possible I'd really recommend buying online - I went to a bigger store and was really disappointed with what was available, so I'd suggest online is your best bet.

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