Monday, 5 May 2014

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

So now that I've finally (finally! Having to do an entry at a time was way more time consuming than I expected) finished entering my favourite blogs for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, I thought I'd put it out there for you.

I'm sure most of you reading this know all about them already as bloggers have been going on about them for a while, but if you haven't already, please do enter your favourite blogs for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. I think it's great that some of the big magazines and companies are taking bloggers seriously as their own platform now, and I really hope that this is something that continues! I'm especially interested in this one as Cosmopolitan is a magazine that I subscribed to for years and still ocasionally pick up at the train station, so it's nice to see a company that I supported for a long time now doing something like this.

You can nominate your favourite blogs here, and of course, if you like my blog I'd definitely appreciate a nomination for best lifestyle blog :) You can also enter through Next for best newcomer if your favourite blogs are under a year old here and again, of course I'd love a nomination if you like my blog!

I'd really like to know who you guys are picking for your choices! It took me quite a while to do all of mine as there were so many bloggers I wanted to nominate.

By the way, I haven't had a chance to mention it here yet - I passed my final exam! Which actually means I'm going to be in the police. Which suddenly seems like a terrifying and really stupid idea, and why on earth would they be so silly as to let me pass?! Anyway. There will be a bigger post on that in a week or so, but thanks to those of you who checked in with me about it, it's very appreciated :)

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