Monday, 5 May 2014

Degustabox April - Review

Degustabox has become THE package that I look forward to each month. I love the novelty of not knowing what I'm going to get, and what could be better than a big selection of food? The only thing that disappoints me with them now is that they don't seem to send me their cards anymore which includes the description of what everything is, which is a shame as I actually read them and miss them now. Oh well - let's get on with the food!

Keogh's Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar Crisps
  I was actually really hoping to get some more crisps or popcorn in my box this month so I was pleased to see these! Salt & vinegar is my preferred flavour so I'm extra pleased to receive these - these will be going in my bag to take with me to training tomorrow, so hopefully they're yummy!

Jaffa Cakes Mini Rolls - in Berry Burst and Tropicool
  I'm basically a ridiculous amount of excited about these little goodies, to the extent that I actually went and showed them to my housemate. I love jaffa cakes and I hadn't heard of these before, but these are two seriously great sounding flavours. Apparently you can freeze them too but I'm far too impatient for that. These look delicious and I am genuinely excited to try them. Now my only dilemma is choosing which flavour to take with me tomorrow?

Cawston Press - Rhubarb blended with sweet apples and sparkling water
  Hmm. Let's be honest, apart from those milkshakes last month I'm never all that enthusiastic about the drinks. This is no exception! I don't like sparkling water and I'm not really a fan of rhubarb so this isn't jumping out at me as something that I want to try straight away. But I will try it - just around a friend who can take over it for me if I dislike it as expected!

Go Splash - Blackcurrant sugar free water flavouring
  How odd, was my first reaction. Okay. So, it's straightforward enough - squeeze it into water to add some flavour to it! I actually don't mind the taste of water and I try not to add anything to it because when I do I feel like it's missing the point. I'll still try these out though, but probably will end up giving them to a friend at work who absolutely hates the taste of water and is always trying to alter it. These will apparently make thirty glasses, and I do like the idea so we'll see!

Miso soup on the go - in White Miso with Tofu, and Red Miso with Sea Veg
  I'm not sure I've ever tried miso soup before, but I'm looking forward to trying these. They're basically little packets that you pour into a mug and then add hot water to! One of these is actually going to be my starter tonight, that's how excited I am to try them!

Crabbie's raspberry alcoholic ginger beer
  I've made my point about drinks already, and I don't like beer - I've not tried ginger beer before, so I don't know how much of a difference there is! I do love raspberries though, so I'm going to give it a try! But my housemate is very much on standby as ginger beer is her favourite. Though her first reaction to the sound of this product was, "Well, that's odd..." so we'll have to see!

Fine Cook's Chocolate - in Milk and in Dark
   My friend is a chef and he always uses this brand for his baking, so hopefully that's an optimistic enough sign! I have no need for these right now as I'm going through a slightly healthier stage of baking, but these last pretty much forever so I'm going to put them into my baking box for when I'll inevitably need them!

 Mornflake Superfast - in Raison, Honey and Almond Granola, and Fruit and Nut Muesli
  I do like the idea of these. They're little pots of breakfast that you can use on the go! They come with a spoon on top, and all you do is add cold water which turns into milk. This is a really good idea, especially for those mornings when I start a shift at 5am - I could totally do with something like this to eat on the tube, as we all know how valuable that time in the morning is - especially when I have a long commute! I'm not too sure on these yet as I tend to be very disappointed by granolas and mueslis, but I'm going to give them both a try. If I don't like these, I do really like the idea so I'll look for something similar!

Lindt - 3 x milk chocolate bars
Yes! This is wonderful to me. I have nothing to say on this as I'm sure you've all tried Lindt chocolate before! I didn't know they came in these little bars, but now that I know they do they're going to be another thing coming with me for my packed lunch tomorrow. Oh, how healthy I will be eating!

  So that's my degustabox for this month - what did you think? If you'd like to sign up for degustabox, you can get one through their website, here. By the way - I've decided to start doing a mini review post each month, for those little things that don't quite warrant their own review, and so you'll start seeing some of these degustabox products included in there. This post is scheduled as I actually received it and created this post just over a week before posting it - so you'll be seeing the mini reviews very soon!


  1. I really love the idea of this box! I'm trying to be a smidge healthier at the moment, so this would probably be a bit too much of a temptation! I will have to look out for that rhubarb drink--totally my thing!!

  2. Wow that was so much stuff, this box looks AMAZING, super jealous.. Will have to check them out :) x


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