Monday, 12 May 2014

Yankee Candle: Fruit-a-Licious & Beach Party Review

After how much I loved Yankee Candle's Spring Scents I was definitely excited to try out their Fruit-a-Licious Summer and Beach Party collections! So I popped in an order for their wax tart set, and was so happy when this lovely smelling package arrived through my letterbox! As I write this review I have one of each tart sitting next to me - if you know anything about Yankee Candles you'll know that they are very strong scented, so there's just various fruity flavours spinning around my head right now! Okay, on with the individual scents...

First up we have Sweet Apple, representing the sugary sweet crispness of a ripe apple fresh from the orchard. Perhaps this is an odd one to star the review with as it's actually my least favourite of the bunch - to me it doesn't really smell like apples, and I don't really like what it does smell like! I will probably use this one mixed with another one, perhaps one from my floral collection to make it a little more appealing to me.

Next we have Orange Splash, which was actually the first of the set that I burned! Unsurprisingly, this candle is supposed to smell like juicy, just-picked oranges - and it definitely does! This is a strong scented one which is what I love about it. I first burned one four days ago in my bedroom and now the entire three storey house still smells like oranges. Great! If you like the scent that is, which luckily I do.

Finally we have Citrus Tango, a limited edition scent which is a mixture of orange, lemon zest and grapefruit. These are among my favourite scents so of course it's a nice smelling candle - I would say that the scent of the lemon is the strongest, but that suits me as I love lemony smells! Despite how this combination sounds, this one isn't too overpowering - it's definitely not a background smell, but it isn't overwhelming either.

First up from the Beach Party set is Margarita Time, a limited edition scent which is supposed to remind you of a hint of fresh lime in a margarita. I do really like this scent, though I have to say it doesn't really remind me of margaritas - the lime I can definitely see, but it certainly doesn't make me think of cocktails. Perhaps this means I just don't drink them enough?! It's a nice scent and would work well as a background scent for a fun occasion. 

Next we have Black Plum Blossom, designed to smell like the nectar of (surprise surprise) black plum blossoms with hints of white musk and vanilla. I wasn't sure if I'd appreciate this scent as I still have a fair few floral candles hanging around but it's a nice one. I'd say that I don't feel like it really matches the collection that it comes with as they are much more fun scents whilst this one is a deeper one - it's still very nice and one I'll be using as a background scent, but it just doesn't seem to match the rest of the collection!

This is a Yankee set I would really recommend to you. The fruity scents are lovely and I really like the Beach Party scents as well! As I've mentioned to you before, I really prefer wax tarts as I think they're great value for money for people like me who prefer changing their scents around quite frequently! I bought this set including two of each of the above for £9.60, if you'd prefer to buy them indvidually you're looking from £1.20 for a wax tart to £19.49 for a large jar candle.

What do you think of these scents?


  1. Oh I love candles! They make any room so lovely. I have loads in my room at Uni just sitting there as we aren't allowed to burn them but I can pretend.

  2. Orange splash sounds gorgeous!! I love when they're strongly scented! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I love Yankee Candles, especially the tarts. I don't have a burner at the moment though so all my yankees are sadly tucked away in the cupboard :( xxx

  4. I adore Yankee candles, I have quite a few of their tarts (: They all sound so lovely (: xx

  5. I have one going right now :) Which tarts are your favourites?


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