Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Degustabox Review: June

I mentioned last month how Degustabox is the subscription box I'm always excited for. Well, that was just as true this month, with me rushing home after working 20 hours straight to go and pick up my box! Unfortunately, this time first impressions weren't great and I was a little disappointed initially. But let's see what's inside and whether or not that changed, shall we? Apologies in advance for the lighting in these photos; I took them at 3am or something silly and didn't realise until afterwards that the lighting was a bit off. And by then, I'd, uh, started eating them...

Garofalo Pasta
I'm in two minds about this being included, because to be fair, I've eaten two plates of this now and it's actually really good pasta. It's tasty and has a nice texture, but, well...pasta is pasta. Sorry. I used to live in Italy and I feel that that entitles me to be able to say that! I don't find a massive amount of difference between brands and though I'll always happily eat pasta, a bag was included a box or two ago and I always have an endless supply of the stuff so don't really need any more. Tasty pasta, though!

Cawston Press - Apple
I'm pretty sure there was a Cawston Press drink included really recently as well. I do like apple drinks but I try to drink water 99% of the time. I like the message of the company though, so I'll be giving this one a go.

Taylor's of Harrogate - Blackberry & Elderflower Tea
I don't like tea. No matter how many exotic flavours of tea you provide me with, I still won't like it. Even if you put chocolate in it, I'm just not going to enjoy it. So to be honest, there's no point me even trying this one - but it will be kept in the guest drink cupboard as I'm sure someone else will enjoy it.

Raw Chewing Gum
I can't eat chewing gum. So...

Cirio Passata & Puree
I've used the passata twice now and it's actually really, really good. You don't need to add much to it at all to make a really delicious sauce out of it, and it tastes really fresh and healthy. It's in sort of an odd container as its in a bottle instead of the normal jar but this actually makes it way easier to use and get out of the tub. Very happy with this one. As for the puree, I guess I'll get round to trying it at some point? I think everyone owns at least one tube of puree that they used a grand total of twice and then lived in their fridge forevermore and I already have ended up with three of those somehow. But I'm sure I'll get round to using it some day, and if its as good as the passata I'll be happy!

Hornsby's Cider - Crisp Apple, and Strawberry & Lime
I don't drink cider, so again, not a very useful one to me. My housemate assures me that strawberry & lime cider is delicious though, and either way both are going to be going into my basement for when we have guests over so they will be enjoyed by somebody at least.

Kettle Sweet Potato Chips - Lightly Salted
Good sized bag, and in a flavour I'll actually enjoy - hoorah! I haven't actually enjoyed any crisps I've got in a degustabox before, but I have a feeling these will be the exception.
Edit: No. Did not like at all! What is it with these products in these boxes, I like so many types normally but none that they provide!

Finn Crisp Crispbread
I have quite a lot of packets of similar products already, but this looks nice enough and apparently has a distinctive tangy flavour. I'll give it a go soon.

Elizabeth Shaw - Dark chocolate batons
I wasn't happy when I saw this because as much as I love chocolate, I do not like dark chocolate at all. I subscribe to the chocolate tasting club, and literally every single month I will TRY to eat the dark chocolate pieces and batons, but they always end up being donated to everyone else because its just horrible. So I wasn't impressed when I first saw these but gave them a go and they're actually really nice! You can tell that they are dark, but you don't get the normal flavour from them and there is no horrible aftertaste. I probably wouldn't get these again as I think they're quite expensive for what they are, but they are pretty tasty and I did enjoy them.

Dr Oetker - Cake release spray
What an odd product. This is essentially an oil spray, which you use instead of greasing or lining trays when baking. I just find this...completely unnecessary? I don't know, maybe this will be some sort of miracle product and will completely change the way I think about home cooking! But to be honest, the time it takes me to bung in some baking paper or grease the tin is probably more or less exactly the same amount of time it takes me to apply this product? I don't know, I've got it now, so I'll use it, but I don't really see the need when it's replacing an already quick method that works perfectly well!

  Overall, pretty disappointed with this box. It's not terrible, but for me there's a lot of things in there that I just plain won't use - ie the tea, the chewing gum, the drinks, or stuff that wasn't very interesting or useful to me. I'll be keeping my subscription as I'm generally really happy with my boxes and that's the gamble you take when you get a box, but hopefully I'll enjoy my next one much more! You can sign up for Degustabox here.


  1. Oh no! Degustabox fail. I love the idea of these things but am always a bit sceptical about value...

  2. I really want to try some of these things! Shame you were not so happy! :(



  3. What are you curious about? I normally absolutely love my boxes so it was a bit of a disappointment for me, but there were still some really nice things in there!

  4. I normally love my degustaboxes! You pretty much always save a bit of money on them (though nowhere near the much as you would on beauty boxes etc) but of course it depends whether or not you eat them as to whether its good value! For me they're great as I love food and trying new things, but without my boxes I'd pretty much buy the exact same thing over and over again!

  5. From what I've seen the Desgustabox always has diet items in there, not something I'm really that in to either. Love the honesty of your restaurant reviews.


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