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London Walking! The Capital Ring, Section 7 - Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock

I posted recently about my eight mile walk in London that marked the beginning of London's Capital Ring walk for me (if you ignore the fact that I started at section six...whatever, it's a circle, it's fine!). Last weekend I found myself with a day free with some reasonably pleasant weather and so headed back off to Richmond Bridge to begin section seven. I'm pretty sure TFL do not like me doing these walks, as like last time, what was supposed to be an hour long journey ended up taking close to three hours, so I really was not in the best of moods when I got there! However, the walk was completed. This time the walk was a bit shorter, at four miles, and took me from Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock (by the way, completely not where I thought it was.) This time the walk also merged with some other walks, walking alongside the Thames Path and the Grand Union Canal Walk for the majority of it. So, let's take a look shall we?

Finding the signs was much easier this time around, due to the fact that there were generally three-five symbols on each block!

Also, have a quick phone 
The journey began at Richmond Bridge, leading quickly on to Richmond Lock as you can see by the jolly fellow on the top of this post. It wasn't quite as pleasant as I remember it being but of course it's still a super nice area - it was much busier this time due to the time of the day (it was sunset when we made it last time) and I found it much harder to appreciate how pretty it all was with hundreds of people around.

All along the walk there were lots of pretty little riverside pubs that made you forget you were in London at all. Many of them seemed very much like 'local pubs for local people' but were very pretty and flowery. 

I do really like riverside property, and this walk took us through some pretty narrow streets which backed on to the Thames.

Following this, the walk took us into Syon Park. It's a 200 acre property surrounding Syon House, built in the 1760s and belonging to the Duke of Northumberland. To be honest, I found this a really boring park! The last part of the work took us through such pretty parks that I think I've been spoiled, but this one was just very ordinary. I also found the house itself a little bit disappointing, but I'm sure that all changes when you step inside!

 More interestingly to me was the fact that Syon House includes a garden centre, aquatics centre, and apparently a butterfly house though I saw no sign of that! The garden centre was absolutely enormous and I was so tempted to get some of the cute little items I found and some of the pretty flowers - the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I didn't want to have to transport them for miles! The flowers were organised by colour which I really liked, and the aquatics centre made me miss my lovely little tropical fish - and consider going for a marine tank this time around! Take a look at the cute little hedgehog statues, and the adorable robins! Wish I could have got them for my garden.

Onwards, to the canals! I really liked this section of the walk, as I didn't really know this existed on this side of London. I absolutely loved the design of the flats around there, I thought they were so pretty and I would love to live in one of them one day - but I don't need to look them up to know they are eternally out of my price range! I also really liked looking at the canal boats - I used to go on canal holidays frequently when I was much younger, so it was really nice to look at the boats and remember some of the little adventures I used to go on with them.

 I especially liked this boat, with its little garden on the top!


 And finally, through a little foresty patch to get to Boston Manor station and return home.

I didn't enjoy this part of the walk as much as the previous one, but to be honest my head just wasn't fully in it either. I'm still enjoying the walk as a whole and I'm still hoping to be able to complete the whole circuit as it is really nice to see some parts of London that I didn't even know existed. I don't really know much about London outside of the central areas and the south east, so its great to be able to explore some of the other areas - particularly as this loop seems to be much more naturey, and as much as I love city living I do need to get out of it every now and then - and to do that without having to actually leave London is even better!

The next section is a little longer at five miles and will be taking me from Osterley Lock on to Greenford. Again, I know literally nothing about these areas, so it'll be nice to see.

If you'd like to take part, you can find details of the walk on WalkLondon's website. And just look for the logos and follow them!



  1. Aww your pictures are soooooo pretty!!!! I absolutely love this blog post, people don;t get out exploring and walking enough anymore!

    Kelly from | Daydreams &

  2. Gorgeous pics! looks like a fun adventure!


  3. Gosh I got such a pang reading through this, I used to live in Brentford and would regularly head to the London Apprentice for drinks on a summer day. I then moved up past The A4 and would regularly walk up the canal path. I'm glad you enjoyed the walk but I'm sorry you didn't feel it as much as others


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