Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review: Sushi Tasting Menu at Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

The other day I headed off to Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia with three friends to try out their sushi menu. Crazy Bear is a Thai restaurant with a wonderfully over the top glitzy interior and design. They were offering a special deal for a bellini, sushi and dim sum menu for £25 (though having a look it seems like perhaps I got the deal on the last day as I can't find it on the website right now, but maybe it will return!) and as I am currently going through a massive sushi phase I was really looking forward to it.

The menu included a bellini, shrimp crackers, prawn nigrizushi, tuna Makizushi, dynamite rolls, pork and prawn shuimai, scallop and prawn shuimai, Shiitake, and chive and carrot Har Gau. It all came out very well presented and looked great!

Okay, here's where I have to be honest. The service was good. The restaurant looked fantastic! I really liked the design and how it felt something like you'd walked into a different world. The drink was really good. The sushi was fine.

I was expecting a little bit more from it. Honestly, it tasted okay, but I've had much better quality from paying significantly less, and I've had better portions that way too! I know it's sushi so I wasn't expecting loads but for the price I really was expecting a little bit more, or at the very least of a better quality. It was just very average, and for the price we paid I was really disappointed, however I guess I have to remember to factor in the price of the drink in there as their cocktails are in my opinion really expensive - if you include that then the price of the sushi was only around £13 which isn't anywhere near as bad. So if you consider this deal to be a drink with some sushi on the side then it's probably going to work out fine for you, but if you're going in expecting a meal then you're going to be disappointed. To put this into perspective, we all ended up going to Pizza Hut straight after as we were all ridiculously hungry!

In short, I was disappointed but I was expecting a lot more. If you go there expecting the sushi to be more of a snack then it'll probably be worth it for you, if you go expecting it to be more of a sushi tasting session then you're much better off going to the likes of Agua, Sushi Samba or Tsunami. What I will say is that their cocktails are really, really good. I thought the price was steep even by London standards at about £12 each, but the cocktails do taste really delicious and the bar area is fantastic, so if you consider going out for cocktails and happen to want some sushi on the side then this will probably be great for you, however don't expect it to fill you up even slightly!
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  1. totally obsessed with sushi, could have it alllll day everyday xx

  2. Very disappointing - but at least the drink was really nice! I know I eat a lot anyway, but the fact that all of us were wondering around trying to find more food afterwards says it all I think!


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