Monday, 16 June 2014

The Best Places I've Been...

I think I've mentioned this before, but travel is my absolute favourite thing. I think for me it often ends up as a means of escape, as I generally completely limit myself from outside contact! I don't take my phone, and I very rarely take my computer. If I do take anything, I'll sometimes take my tablet to use the e-reader on it, but even then I'll try and limit that as much as possible.

So, since I'm currently working on the next trip, I thought I'd tell you a few of the favourite places I've been, and show you a favourite picture from each one while I'm at it!

  1. Ecuador. Love it. Love it so much! I went there for six weeks last year and it is my favourite place. Ecuador is a really amazing country and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It was a bit difficult at first as the buses aren't the most user friendly, but when you've figured out how to use them (of course this helps if you can speak more Spanish than I can!) you can get so far for only a couple of dollars. The Amazon rainforest became the best place I have ever been to and I loved being in the wildnerness, and I loved visiting cloud forests where I discovered so many amazing little birds and other critters and saw more hummingbirds than I have ever seen before! I hiked a volcano, hired a horse for a week, climbed multiple mountains, bathed in hot springs, swam in the Napo river... It's an amazing place. Oddly, the only place I didn't like was the place that everyone else seems to have on their bucket lists - found the Galapagos islands a massive disappointment! Some of the features were pretty interesting, but not for the amount of money I paid.
  2. Malawi. It's a super friendly country where locals will quite happily come and teach you their games - never thought I'd be playing board games quite so much with strangers!

  3. Zimbabwe. It was very difficult when I was there in a way, as the begging is pretty constant and you do get followed around by people trying to get money out of you while the police stand there and stare at you. But it was a lovely country, and when you speak to people you discover very quickly how friendly they are, and how different their life experiences have been. I also got to see an elephant running through the town destroying cars (and ride an unrelated elephant!) and went to see Victoria Falls - I really wanted to do the bungee jumping over the top but had to back out last minute as it just looked horrific!

  4. Turin. I lived in Italy for about six months and Turin was the part I spent the most time in. It's not the friendliest of towns and pretty much no English is spoken there, but if you're prepared to try it out then it's a really nice place. It's very pretty and has lots of sights to see, yet isn't touristy in the slightest! More importantly, it had the most delicious gelato place which I basically went to at least two times a day...

  5. West Virginia. Perhaps an odd one, but I spent three months here a couple of years ago and I really loved it. I was living within a national forest in a cabin where I had to take a horse to get pretty much anywhere. There was no TV etc, and I could very rarely make phonecalls or use the internet. And I LOVED that! At first it was a pain but you'll be amazed at what you notice when there's no distractions. Also, I saw the most amazing night skies there - hundreds and hundreds of stars, more than I've ever seen anywhere else.
An honorable mention also goes to Disney World, Florida - I didn't go to the rest of Florida and I can't quite justify giving a 'best travel' award to a theme park, but I spent a week there two years ago and absolutely loved it. Everything about the atmosphere was perfect, the design was perfect, my resort (Carribbean!) was perfect - so much more fantastic than I ever thought it would be!

When I travel, I pretty much always travel on my own - I meet people in hostels or camping while I'm there and travel with them for a bit, but I always leave on my own. I also tend to have no real plan for the inbetween bits - for example, on my Africa trip I flew into Zimbabwe and flew out of Kenya and figured the rest out while I was there! And yes, this is a pretty timely post as I'm currently planning out my August trip (I've only got a week, so its the most planned trip I've ever done!) which I'll be sharing with you soon, as well as my plans for the next couple of years.

Where are your favourite places to visit?

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  1. You are so adventurous! I've travelled a little, but only really to 'typical' destinations. I have been to Disney World though and I did love it too! xxx

  2. I absolutely love travelling and wish I could do it more! I'd really love to visit some of the places you've been to, they look lovely. I think my favourite place that I've been is Iceland - it was just so beautiful :)

  3. You're kinda adventurous. If I had a chance, I'd love to visit these places because somehow I think technology overwhelms me and a little distraction is needed.


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