Monday, 14 July 2014

DegustaBox - July

I have to admit that I'm just not feeling DegustaBox at the moment. I've had July's box for a little while now and though I took all the photos and tried some of the products, I just wasn't really feeling motivated to get it up and reviewed because it was all a little disappointing to me. This is my second disappointing box in a row, so, as is my box rule, hopefully August is going to be a good one or its going to be a change to a new box!

 First up was this box of Alpha Bites multigrain cereal. I really like cereal, and I'd never heard of these, so this was quite a welcome surprise. These are actually pretty tasty and I'm still munching my way through them. As you'd expect, they are shaped like different letters - but what surprised me about these is that they actually have a lot of flavour to them and are really sweet. Milk gives me really bad stomach aches (which makes me very sad as I love it) so I am always hunting for new cereal that still tastes good without it - and these definitely do!
Veetee - Wholegrain Brown Rice
This could have been nice in concept, though I thought it was a bit pricey when you can get so many more interesting flavours and better known brands for so cheap. But quite simply, the flavour was disappointing and I didn't actually manage to finish the whole thing! Easy enough to cook, sure, but if I can't finish one I won't be trying another from the range.

Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes
I had mixed feelings upon seeing these. Firstly, I was disappointed because the last box also included a blox of flutes though of a different flavour, and I'd rather try something different. This was followed by optimism, because actually I ended up really liking the last ones! However, these are sort of just okay. They're fine. They're nowhere near as nice as the other ones and I wouldn't buy them again, but they're not horrible. I'm sort of just slowly snacking through them.

Urban Fruit - Mango
These little packets are fruit that have been baked for a sweet and healthy treat. I actually haven't eaten these yet. I like the idea but I find the various packeted fruits are never that nice and I'm not that keen on mango - but I'll still give these a go.

Dr. Oetker - Madagascan Vanilla Grinder
I don't have much to say to this one - like their product that came in the previous months box, I simply have no need for this. I will put it with the cake decorating stuff in my kitchen and imagine I may use it in a year or so, it seems like one of those products!

BeFast Breakfast - in Strawberry and Banana
I...don't really understand what these are. They looked like milkshakes. Then they looked like protein shakes. Then they ended up being a healthy breakfast. Apparently. I don't really know. I feel a little scared of these as I am always iffy about drinks anyway and these are so ambiguous that I don't really know what I'm going to be drinking! I almost definitely wouldn't have this as a breakfast as I need something enormously filling in the mornings and I very much doubt that these are it - but I am thinking of having one with my lunch later today.

Estrella Lager
Don't drink lager. Housemate doesn't drink lager. At some point a friend will probably come to my house who does, so into the cellar you go!

Lambrini - Strawberry
I am very much in a mixed mind about when these sort of drinks are included in the boxes. On the one hand, they're sort of a waste as I never even open them. But on the other hand, I'm lucky enough to have a cellar that I store this sort of stuff in, and I think the collection of weird and wonderful fruity drinks I've got from the boxes will be great when we start having parties or BBQs here again. This looks like a nice summery drink, but as I say - I won't be trying it for a while!
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  1. I absolutely love the vanilla grinder so cool! I'm a big baker so I probably would have more of a need for it :P Never seen one in shops though! xx

  2. Such a shame that you've fallen out of love from DegustaBox!




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