Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Simply Cook: Mexican Beef Chilli

Back in May I posted about SimplyCook, a company that sends out recipes and accompanying sauces and mixtures to make amazing dishes.

Well, I just thought I'd show you the results of the Mexican Bean Chilli!

Looks good, doesn't it?

Tastes great too! The only thing I'd say with this one is that it is really, really strong. As in, my housemate's dad had to leave the kitchen because it was making his eyes water whilst I was cooking it (I consider this a benefit, so...) and it takes me about half an hour to eat it because it burns. But, it's the good kind of burn! However probably one to be avoided (or just reduced!) if you're not too keen on the spice.

I still really like SimplyCook. I wasn't sure how I'd feel but the dishes I've made have all been delicious, and in good sizes - I got five filling servings out of this one! As with the previous recipe, this one was really easy to follow and it was really simple to make. It really did taste of a much better quality than I could ever expect from my own cooking! If you're like me and you wish you could cook more but just can't make anything that tastes good enough to spend the time, I really would recommend trying SimplyCook out.
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  1. YUM! The rice looks so tasty too!

  2. It was surprisingly good rice! Considering I think I paid about £1 for it it had a lot of flavour to it!

  3. It sure was - not one I could handle every day though!


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