Friday, 25 July 2014

The Lambeth Country Show

Last weekend was the Lambeth Country Show, something that I have disappointingly managed to miss for the last couple of years. Every year I want to go, only to find that I've already booked something else that I can't get out of, so I was really excited to finally be able to go this year!

It's a bit of an odd one, as it takes place in London - more specifically, in Brockwell Park, which is inbetween Herne Hill and Brixton - not the sort of place you'd expect to find a country show! And a true country show it is, with vegetable competitions, chutney for sale, sheep shearing contests. All with the lovely backdrop of big blocks of flats and canary wharf! A very odd one.

I watched all of the acts in the main arena on Sunday...

Berkley Owls
A little show with some owls doing some tricks. I forgot how cute owls were, they are adorable. They were also very unco-operative! But to be fair, it was very hot and the owls probably weren't very happy about that. They reminded me of cats in a way, as there was a point when the handler was trying to get the owl to fly to his arm whilst moving closer and closer to it. Each time the owl would lower itself like it was preparing to do it, and then would just change its mind and decided it didn't want to bother. It was nice to see the owls, a shame they weren't feeling too happy about performing but, well, they are owls. They had a stall throughout the day where you could go and hold the owls too, but we didn't really have enough time.

Dog & Duck Show
This was probably my favourite one. Lovely Jason, with his three sheepdogs and his group of ducks. There was a bit of a demonstration of the sheepdogs, a bit more of a lecture on dog behaviour than I would have liked (don't get me wrong, I totally get it, and I'm an ex volunteer at Battersea Dogs Home so, you know, important - but not really what I want to hear about whilst watching an amusing act in a country show. Sorry Jason, you are lovely, but...) and then the actual show itself. I learned quite a bit about the behaviour of the dogs and enjoyed watching them round up the ducks, including one poor newbie duck who kept running out into the crowd. It was a cute show and the most interesting one of the day.

Joseph's Amazing Racing Camels
My main thought after watching the first of the races was "wow, camels are really bloody weird aren't they?" Their humps wobble. They are all very oddly shaped. They look highly unpleasant to ride. I don't know. This was very strange. I was entertained in a confused sort of way. This one kind of lost its appeal after a while because once you have got over the oddness of camels running it doesn't hold too much for you, but something that everybody should see once for sure.

Fens Falconry
To be fair, during this show I was more concerned about how hungry I was so I perhaps didn't give it the attention I should have. This isn't a trick show like the owls were, its more the birds fly around whilst lots of information is given in them so its certainly more educational - my friend really enjoyed it and kept commenting on the facts, I lost interest. But the birds were definitely impressive, particularly when they swooped over us. As with the owls, they had a tent where you could go and hold the birds. We thought about this, but both made eye contact with this giant bird which we both found quite intimidating and decided it would not be a good idea...

The Knights of the Damned
A medieval jousting show, basically. This was actually really entertaining! They gave each rider a personality, the horses were great, the commentator was really good, it was good fun. I think everybody enjoyed this as there was something for all ages in it. I feel bad that I don't have too much to say about this one as it was what it was, but it was good fun and worth watching.

There was also a main stage for music acts, and another stage - the main stage seemed to be more reggae music whenever we were there whilst the other stage was more country. Neither appealed to us much! Of course there were stalls everywhere selling all sorts of things, random things like firemen doing demonstrations, and lots of food. Really disappointingly overpriced food!

 I ate the above noodles and orange smoothie which were fairly 'okay' priced considering its a festival and it was actually a big portion but it was difficult to find anything reasonably priced. We started the day each paying £3.50 for a brownie which was sort of extortionate - I expected it to be higher priced being that it was a festival day, but it really wasn't any better than anything I'd had before for less than half the price! There was a fairground as well with quite a few rides, and a water slide that I really really wanted to go on.

Still, this was a fun day - even if we did leave just before it got closed because the rain wouldn't stop! I'd recommend it if you're around next year, seems they have a lot of the same acts each year, and its a nice fun atmosphere with a lot of variety!

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