Monday, 28 July 2014

What to do with time off work...

I have a grand total of about three months off of work coming up. One of those months semi starts this week, simply because I wanted it and I'm taking it unpaid. The other two months will be in November and December, due to the surgery I mentioned the other week.

It seems like time to start planning what on earth I'm going to do with it!

Okay, August is easy. I intend on cooking something really healthy and yummy at least twice a week (I cook only for myself or a friend, so I make giant portions and freeze it all!), I plan on going to the gym every day (don't make me out to be amazing at exercise though - next week literally every one of those days is for a yoga class!), I'm going to catch up with friends, meet new people, and mainly, take advantage of all the free stuff London has to offer. It's summer, and the kids are off school, so that means even more free events and exhibitions than usual - but if nothing appeals to me, there's also so many museums and galleries that I haven't been to yet, or just more parts of my walking loop of London that I'm trying to complete.

There's also another thing I'll be doing in August that I should probably mention as it's very soon now - I'll be going to Iceland! Oops. I got a little bit impulsive and bought flights yesterday for, um, next week. I'll tell you all about my plans on Friday!

What I am having trouble with, however, is the November & December plans. I'm going to assume that November is just written off as doing nothing but watch Netflix and cry about my life, but December has a little more openness to it. Here's the challenge - I won't be allowed to eat. I won't be talking much. I'm not allowed to exercise. I will probably really struggle to see my friends. As a very active and social person who loves her food.... these all throw a major spanner in the works!

Here's what I've got so far...

  • Become the soup master. I have a really great soup book (New Covent Garden's a Soup For Every Day, if anyone wants a recommendation!) that I used to make some great soups from and I haven't used it in probably about a year. Being that I'll be eating basically through a syringe, it seems like a pretty great time to get really, really into my soup making.
  • Read. Read read read. Primarily I want to read more non fiction. I don't read it very often at all, and I keep trying to look into more non fiction books but what I do find just doesn't appeal to me. Any recommendations?
  • Finally bloody learn to crochet. I have the book. I have the supplies. I CAN'T DO IT. Normally I lack the patience, but when there's nothing more exciting for me to go and do it is finally my time!
  • On the same note, learn to waterpaint. I've wanted to forever, but even the kids in my class have more artistic talent than I do.
  • Let's not act like this isn't the main one. Sims 4. Do I think it looks very good? No. Am I going to buy it anyway? Yes. But I'm going to buy it in November, so it looks like an act of rebellion, and in the ever so optimistic hope that the price will have dropped just a teeny tiny bit. Well, you never know. Civilization Beyond Earth is also looking pretty appealing to me. And maybe I'll restart my Pokemon game...
  • The exercise is a problem. I need to exercise! I don't know how I'm not going to. But I figure I can find minor accomplishments - maybe do one of those squat challenges and slowly build those up?! I'll have no arms or body anymore, but at least my butt will look great. (Though on a serious note, I figure push ups and sit ups are going to be too demanding on me afterwards. Who knows) I'm going to look to see whether any of the yoga classes for pregnant women will be suitable, as I figure they're probably also low impact. Maybe I can use a standing cycle machine at the gym. I don't know! I hate this as I'm very active, and more than that I have a job that requires me to run, so I'm really worried about that. I'm already taking 6-8 weeks off, and I want to go back completely ready, the idea of taking even more time off because I don't have the stamina or energy (let's face it, the not being able to eat thing isn't going to help either) does not appeal to me in the slightest so if I can find any way around that I will take it.
Anyone else have any suggestions I could use? Anyone else gone through similar recoveries - if so how was it for you?


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  1. I hope you have a lovely time off! Will be interested in seeing some soup recipes!




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