Friday, 29 August 2014

Rainforest Cafe

The other day I went to the Rainforest Cafe for the first time.

It sort of came around as a bit of a joke - I'd agreed to go to the zoo with someone but then I woke up feeling ill and completely not in the mood for it, and then the rain became torrential anyway. So I called my friend and said that I didn't feel well enough to go to the zoo, so as a compromise why don't we go to the Rainforest Cafe? He was up for it, so off we went!

We were one of like two tables of only adults, which surprised me actually - I knew it would be heavily dominated by kids and families, but it's such an enormous restaurant I was amazed it was just us! The place is really well themed though. I loved the design to it, of course it caters for kids but it is just really well done. There's an occasional thunderstorm that interrupts your conversation. There's fish tanks full of giant fish. There's giant pretend animals all over the place that move and squeak and there's hundreds of plants and trees as decoration. It honestly does look really cool.

However - the food is really expensive for what it is. I knew we were going to Piccadilly, but honestly, this restaurant is like two minutes away from the Criterion which is a genuinely very high standard restaurant with amazing food (I've posted about it before and there's another post on it next week, by the way!) which works out costing less if you go in on a deal. When it's your standard family friendly restaurant you really should not be paying those sorts of prices. We both had just a starter and then split the dessert because as cool as it all was, we were not going to pay those prices. So I had this soup which came like a volcano inside of a bun - to be fair it was really delicious and actually pretty filling, if complex to eat!

For pudding we had this brownie volcano. It looked cool but honestly - I didn't like it at all! And I have no idea why. I love chocolate. I love brownies. I love ice cream. I liked none of it! The texture was off, the flavour was off, and I honestly can't pinpoint to why but it's surprising to me as they are basically my favourite foods so it should have been amazing for me! Presentation was great though, and as adults we enjoyed looking at that.

Towards the end this giant tree frog came round. We of course took photos with him! He was funny and played along with us.

I'd still recommend you go to the rainforest cafe - of course if you have kids they'll love it, but even as adults we had a great time and I do plan on going back with a bigger group one day. The food is nice, but be prepared for the fact that it is really pricey for what you can get elsewhere - but the atmosphere and theming is great, so if you haven't been before then go just for that.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

VMA Red Carpet Fashion - Hits & Misses

You know I like doing my red carpet fashion posts, so I was happy to see the return of the VMAs, especially because loads of my normal style favourites were involved with it! However on the whole I would have to say this is definitely not one of my favourite red carpet events - it actually took a really long time to narrow down the misses that I included, whilst the hits were just the best of what was available! I don't know what happened, clearly I just don't get fashion anymore! Anyway, let's take a look...

The Hits...
Beyonce is looking good in her black dress - I find it's really hard to pull off such an all covered up look and honestly I'm not a Beyonce fan, but I think she looks really good in this. Equally with Jessie, this is not the sort of outfit I'd picture her in and I'm surprised it works with her body shape as well as it does - not her normal style at all but I think she looks pretty. And finally Katy, if this was anything but a red carpet event this would look absolutely awful, but as it is I think she looks great and pulled it off well!

Kesha's look is definitely changing at the moment and I wasn't entirely sure on this one when I first saw it. To be honest I don't think the dress itself is that nice at all but she has quite a difficult body shape and I think this dress flatters her - and it's nice to see that she's looking so healthy and happy too. Nicki looks great in this, and I think Nina is looking great in her gothic dress!

The Misses...

I love Ariana but I don't know what she was thinking with this. Don't get me wrong - when I was a teenager I would have definitely worn this, but that doesn't mean the outfit suits her AT ALL. I just think she looks silly in it - I'm all for wearing outside of your normal style but this just looks like she's playing dress up. Gwen's outfit is completely unflattering on her - wrong shape, wrong colour, not sure what she was thinking with this. And Kim as well - this is a great pattern and colour choice for her, but the shape is awful, she looks like a really uncomfortable square.

I'm a fan of all three of these girls so I'm really not sure what happened. Miley's outfit is just all round unflattering. I've made a post before about Taylor being my celebrity style favourite so I'm very surprised she ended up in this half of the list, but this just looks awful - the colour doesn't really suit her and it just looks like what I see people wearing at the gym. She has a nice body and all, but this just doesn't look good. And finally Victoria, just a very odd choice for her - I'm not sure why the boob tubes seem to suddenly be in again, especially when mismatched from the rest of the outfit. She still looks great and this is just proof that she looks good in anything, but I'm surprised by this as she is normally one of my favourites at red carpet events.

As always, none of this is meant personally and is just my opinion! Who were your hits and misses for this event?


Monday, 25 August 2014

Iceland, Day One: Reykjavik

Hi everyone! I've been back from Iceland for around a week now and took a little bit of a delay in getting posting because I had so much going on and I was also pretty exhausted from the trip. Sorry about that, but I figured its better that I wait a little rather than post a load of things with no effort behind them! On the whole I had a good time over there (although I have never been on such an expensive trip! Wowwwwww) and I'm ready to start posting all about it - as well as about some other things that I've been doing since I've been back.

I'm going to make this a little feature rather than spam you all with photos as I realise a lot of you aren't actually going to be interested in it, so I'll post about Iceland every Monday for a little while.

Anyway, onwards!

The day started off a little badly as the problem with booking flights literally three days in advance is you kind of get left with whatever no one else wanted. I ended up flying out of Luton Airport, which would probably have been fine but I did it so early that it was a nightmare. I had to get two night buses, then a coach, and then the queues at Luton were rammed even that early which I wasn't expecting. So I had hardly slept (also my fault - I was out til 1am anyway) and then I didn't manage to sleep on the plane. It was easy to get a bus from the airport to the capital of Reykjavik and then easy to get to my hostel.

I hadn't planned anything to do on this day as every other day I had really intensely planned, so I started off by just having an explore of the city. Reykjavik is very small but it is nice and friendly. It is a cute little place to walk around and easy to get around. My hostel was on the water front which made it nice and easy too - whenever I wanted to get back I simply had to aim downwards and then figure it out from there!

I hit the first problem quickly - Food in Reykjavik is super expensive. I eventually bought some chips for the equivilent of £8. That was the cheapest I could find. Yeah.

A lot of the stores sold fur, as you can see in the above photo. I was a little disturbed by this photo and I'd always been against fur, but I still couldn't resist going and stroking it all. There was reindeer hide and various other furs, but this picture I took of Arctic fox fur bothered me the most! But I will reluctantly admit, I went and felt it and it was just the nicest feeling thing, so though it pains me I can totally understand why people would buy it.

I soon got bored because nice as Reykjavik is, there isn't loads to do. So I did a boat trip to go and see some puffins with a Brazilian guy I'd met whilst trying to buy food! We happened to turn up exactly as the last puffin trip of the day was leaving, so great timing. We got to see some of the cute little puffins though not as close up as I'd imagined - I'd assumed it would be really easy to see them and that they would all be hanging out on the edges of the puffin islands - they were not! The puffins weren't very co-operative, luckily I had a long camera lens that I was watching them through but I think I'd have been pretty disappointed if I hadn't. Very cute little birds though. I had gone to Iceland refusing to eat in any restaurant that served whale, and very quickly extended it to any restaurant that served puffin too! As you can see from these pictures, the weather in Iceland is just lovely...!

Anyway, that's day one over. It gets a little more exciting from here ;) But we might as well start from the beginning, right?!


Sunday, 3 August 2014

I'm off to Iceland!

I mentioned briefly the other day that I got a bit too spontaneous and decided to go on a quick trip to Iceland! (At a very inconvenient time might I add... I'm now missing a party I'd really like to go to, an event I'd really like to go to, and it's awfully inconvenient when you're just starting to see someone new isn't it?!) So, I'll be leaving at some hideous time on Sunday, coming back stupidly early the following Monday.

Here's a quick guide to the places I'll be going to...

  • Reykjavik, obviously! That'll mainly be my base. I'm going to be staying in a pretty cool looking hostel. I'm not too sure what exactly I'll be doing there as I think I'm going to be using it to just go with the flow. The idea of the trips to go and see the whales is appealing (if you ignore my horrendous seasickness) and maybe to one of the beaches, but I think aside from that I'll probably just have a walk around and see what happens.
  • I am so excited to be doing a day riding Icelandic horses! I almost never get a chance to go horse riding anymore, and Icelandic horses were always my favourites. So I'm really looking forward to be doing a whole day of riding and exploring. Since this is almost certainly going to be putting me in a lot of pain, I'm going to go afterwards straight to...
  • The blue lagoon! Honestly, wasn't sure whether I'd bother with this. But, on the last day my flight is silly early, so I'm actually going to go to the lagoon until closing and then head to the airport from there. What a way to have a last evening, right? It'll be great after the horse riding as well, and make it a nice relaxing end :)
  • Landmannalaugar, part of the Icelandic highlands. It's full of really cool looking mountains and lava fields and I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  • Jökulsárlón was the number one place that I wanted to prioritise for my trip, so I'm so happy I managed to schedule it in. It's a glacial lagoon and I am so excited to see it! Whilst there I'm also going to do a glacier walk, not sure how I'm going to feel about it but I'm really looking forward to trying it because it's something completely new.
  • The Golden Circle tour is pretty much the iconic Iceland tour, showing some of the main sights such as Geysir, a volcanic crater, some waterfalls, etc. Honestly, I wasn't going to do this one, but I realised I can't go to Iceland and not do it! 
  • Trip to the Snæfellsnes region. This area is supposed to be 'Iceland in miniature'. Honestly I just thought it had some really cool looking sights. It seems like this is a region that isn't explored as much as the others, but I'm still looking forward to go.
I've not written the order above exactly right, I was just writing in in the order it came to me! Luckily, writing it all down has got me excited about it again. So, you won't be seeing any posts from me next week, but I'll be starting again the week after. If you follow me on Twitter (@pinkconfettiuk) I'll be uploading some photos every now and then so you can keep up with me. I'll be taking some cameras with me, so when I come back I'll begin a mini series to share all the pictures with you; I think making a post a week on it for a little while is a much better idea than just flooding you all with Iceland photos suddenly!
Any of you been to Iceland before? Where are you hoping to go this year or next year?


Friday, 1 August 2014

Degustabox July

I explained last month that I have a three strikes and you're out rule when it comes to subscription boxes. DegustaBox is the only one I'm currently subscribed to and I loved the concept and my boxes, but as of last month it hit two strikes for me. Let's see how the August box scored, shall we?

Zeo Drinks
This box came with all three flavours of peach and grapefruit burst, lime zest, and citrus crush. I always complain about getting drinks in the box but actually I don't mind these ones so much as they're summery non alcoholic drinks. I'm not going to drink them just yet but I might have one with dinner tonight, and I can see these being much more useful to me to try than the drinks the box normally comes with.

Portlebay Popcorn
I bloody love popcorn, so I was really happy to see these on the top this week! It came with three flavours - crispy bacon with maple syrup, chilli and lime, and sweet and salted. I'm having a friend over to watch movies later today so I reckon we'll get through these tonight!

I've had three maggi products like these before. To be fair, they were different products from the range, and they were really good. So I didn't mind seeing them again, but I kinda wish there weren't six of them - I like more variety in my boxes! Anyway, these products are basically little kits that you can use to help make your meal - for example, before I received a herby Italian chicken one where I fried the chicken with the packets wrapped around it, and they were really good. This one comes with four choices; cheesy chicken and leek potato bake, piri piri chicken, beef and ale casserole and oriental soy and garlic chicken. I'm not sure how I feel about having these again - they were good last time, but there lots of brands that do products like these so I'd have rather tried a different company. Again, they are different flavours though.

Dr Oetker
Sorry, but I'm actually really irritated to see these here. They're edible decorations and they're cute, and I don't own them already, but there has been a Dr Oetker product in the last two boxes as well and I really would just like to try something from a different company. If I wanted to try the entire Dr Oetker range of products I would go out and do exactly that. They're not a bad brand by any means but there are SO MANY baking brands out there that I do find it irritating to keep seeing the same brands over and over again when I use these boxes to find new products. Anyway, rant over; the products are Eton Mess decorations and violet crystal decorations. I have no use for these right now, but they'll go on my decorating shelf and I'm sure I'll use them at one point.

Hornsby's Blueberry Cider
You know what I'm going to say. I don't want any more cider in these boxes! My shelf in the basement is genuinely full of ciders and beers. They might be nice. I wouldn't know, because no one in my house drinks cider. Also, you see how one bottle is nearly empty? Yeah. That's because it arrived like that, and now every single product is sticky...

Green & Black's lemon bar
I haven't tried this flavour before. It's dark chocolate, which I don't like, but mixed with lemon so it might be nice. I will definitely try this one at some point anyway.

Is this three strikes and then out? Honestly, I'm not sure. This box wasn't as disappointing as they have been lately, but I am getting fed up with the endless cider and Dr Oetker. What do you guys think?
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