Friday, 1 August 2014

Degustabox July

I explained last month that I have a three strikes and you're out rule when it comes to subscription boxes. DegustaBox is the only one I'm currently subscribed to and I loved the concept and my boxes, but as of last month it hit two strikes for me. Let's see how the August box scored, shall we?

Zeo Drinks
This box came with all three flavours of peach and grapefruit burst, lime zest, and citrus crush. I always complain about getting drinks in the box but actually I don't mind these ones so much as they're summery non alcoholic drinks. I'm not going to drink them just yet but I might have one with dinner tonight, and I can see these being much more useful to me to try than the drinks the box normally comes with.

Portlebay Popcorn
I bloody love popcorn, so I was really happy to see these on the top this week! It came with three flavours - crispy bacon with maple syrup, chilli and lime, and sweet and salted. I'm having a friend over to watch movies later today so I reckon we'll get through these tonight!

I've had three maggi products like these before. To be fair, they were different products from the range, and they were really good. So I didn't mind seeing them again, but I kinda wish there weren't six of them - I like more variety in my boxes! Anyway, these products are basically little kits that you can use to help make your meal - for example, before I received a herby Italian chicken one where I fried the chicken with the packets wrapped around it, and they were really good. This one comes with four choices; cheesy chicken and leek potato bake, piri piri chicken, beef and ale casserole and oriental soy and garlic chicken. I'm not sure how I feel about having these again - they were good last time, but there lots of brands that do products like these so I'd have rather tried a different company. Again, they are different flavours though.

Dr Oetker
Sorry, but I'm actually really irritated to see these here. They're edible decorations and they're cute, and I don't own them already, but there has been a Dr Oetker product in the last two boxes as well and I really would just like to try something from a different company. If I wanted to try the entire Dr Oetker range of products I would go out and do exactly that. They're not a bad brand by any means but there are SO MANY baking brands out there that I do find it irritating to keep seeing the same brands over and over again when I use these boxes to find new products. Anyway, rant over; the products are Eton Mess decorations and violet crystal decorations. I have no use for these right now, but they'll go on my decorating shelf and I'm sure I'll use them at one point.

Hornsby's Blueberry Cider
You know what I'm going to say. I don't want any more cider in these boxes! My shelf in the basement is genuinely full of ciders and beers. They might be nice. I wouldn't know, because no one in my house drinks cider. Also, you see how one bottle is nearly empty? Yeah. That's because it arrived like that, and now every single product is sticky...

Green & Black's lemon bar
I haven't tried this flavour before. It's dark chocolate, which I don't like, but mixed with lemon so it might be nice. I will definitely try this one at some point anyway.

Is this three strikes and then out? Honestly, I'm not sure. This box wasn't as disappointing as they have been lately, but I am getting fed up with the endless cider and Dr Oetker. What do you guys think?


  1. ooooh what an amazing box full of yummy goodies!

    Emma from

  2. I signed up in July and received my first box this month. I preferred what I saw on blogs for last month. The popcorn was the only redeeming item for me.


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