Friday, 29 August 2014

Rainforest Cafe

The other day I went to the Rainforest Cafe for the first time.

It sort of came around as a bit of a joke - I'd agreed to go to the zoo with someone but then I woke up feeling ill and completely not in the mood for it, and then the rain became torrential anyway. So I called my friend and said that I didn't feel well enough to go to the zoo, so as a compromise why don't we go to the Rainforest Cafe? He was up for it, so off we went!

We were one of like two tables of only adults, which surprised me actually - I knew it would be heavily dominated by kids and families, but it's such an enormous restaurant I was amazed it was just us! The place is really well themed though. I loved the design to it, of course it caters for kids but it is just really well done. There's an occasional thunderstorm that interrupts your conversation. There's fish tanks full of giant fish. There's giant pretend animals all over the place that move and squeak and there's hundreds of plants and trees as decoration. It honestly does look really cool.

However - the food is really expensive for what it is. I knew we were going to Piccadilly, but honestly, this restaurant is like two minutes away from the Criterion which is a genuinely very high standard restaurant with amazing food (I've posted about it before and there's another post on it next week, by the way!) which works out costing less if you go in on a deal. When it's your standard family friendly restaurant you really should not be paying those sorts of prices. We both had just a starter and then split the dessert because as cool as it all was, we were not going to pay those prices. So I had this soup which came like a volcano inside of a bun - to be fair it was really delicious and actually pretty filling, if complex to eat!

For pudding we had this brownie volcano. It looked cool but honestly - I didn't like it at all! And I have no idea why. I love chocolate. I love brownies. I love ice cream. I liked none of it! The texture was off, the flavour was off, and I honestly can't pinpoint to why but it's surprising to me as they are basically my favourite foods so it should have been amazing for me! Presentation was great though, and as adults we enjoyed looking at that.

Towards the end this giant tree frog came round. We of course took photos with him! He was funny and played along with us.

I'd still recommend you go to the rainforest cafe - of course if you have kids they'll love it, but even as adults we had a great time and I do plan on going back with a bigger group one day. The food is nice, but be prepared for the fact that it is really pricey for what you can get elsewhere - but the atmosphere and theming is great, so if you haven't been before then go just for that.


  1. It looks so fun! I want to go! Haha glad you enjoyed it! That giant frog is kind of scary, and cute at the same time!

  2. We're off to Disneyland on Monday and was hoping to try the Rainforest Cafe in the Disney Village one night however this has made me reconsider!
    I really don't know whether it'll be worth wasting money that could be spend ton Disney goodies...haha We'll see.

    Good review though, thank you.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo


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