Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Criterion; Summer Set Menu

I've posted a review about the Criterion before, and recently decided to go back to try out their summer set menu.

This time I went on a week day evening, and there was an immediate difference; the place is still awesome, but it's far less intimidating during the week. It's not as dark, the music isn't there - these are subtle changes but they make a big difference. I was going with one male friend and I was very worried that it would give us a massive datey atmosphere that would make us feel uncomfortable, as though I went with about ten friends the last time I could still see how it would feel like that. On a week day - not at all! Still lovely, less pressured.

The food here is a really good deal considering where this restaurant is and how amazing it is. We went for their summer set menu which comes with a cocktail and is £20 for two courses or £25 for three.

For my main I had the fish. I literally always go for the fish, this should be no surprise to anyone!

 But for the pudding, I had this amazing raspberry and chocolate pudding. I absolutely loved this! The tastes were all spot on, it was very sweet and strong flavoured.

I'd definitely recommend the Criterion (Link). Literally the only bad thing I can say about this place is that because of the lighting you can't take very good pictures! But the lighting gives it a great atmosphere, so this is only a bad thing for bloggers :) Go on the weekend if you want the full atmosphere and the music, go on a week day if you want it to be a little less intimidating (though I'd say the weekend is more fun, if you're not sure which to go with!)

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