Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Degustabox August

So, I've mentioned recently that much as I have loved Degustabox, I have a three strikes and you're out rule with subscription boxes. I also mentioned on the last one that I was genuinely unsure if it was the third negative one in a row or not as it did have some redeeming features, so I decided to keep with it anyway. Let's see if Degustabox is making it til next month, shall we?

Mexican Dave's tortilla chips
We've had a bag from Mexican Dave's before. I don't eat them but my friend told me they were okay. This is a different flavour, but I still don't eat them, so I'll be passing these on to him again.

BerryWhite fruit drinks
This is an organic drink with cranberry, guava and elderberry. I often complain about getting drinks in these boxes, but this is one I will actually try. It looks nice and I do like fruit juices - I try to drink them only for special occasions, but I still will get through this. I haven't heard of the company before and it looks like it could be yummy - although they are quite pricey for drinks so even if I love it it'll still be an occasional thing!

Schwarz Flavour Shots
I received these ages ago and I thought they were a great idea and really liked the meals I made from them. Then I received them again and was less impressed. And now here are more! This time in Spanish smoked paprika chicken and mexican fajita flavour. These aren't flavours I would buy for myself but I'm sure I'll end up giving them a chance eventually. I've said before I don't like receiving repeated items from the same company, especially like this when it's literally the same product just a different flavour, but these are good little items and if you haven't tried them before I would recommend you pick one up as they do make your meals taste great.

Fever Free
I feel like every box I mention that I don't drink the alcohol and I am now growing a big selection of bottles that end up in my basement. This ginger beer is no exception, but I do have a friend who enjoys novelty ginger beer flavours so I'm sure he'll appreciate it. There's also a tonic water and I drink that even less, so...

Finally! Something I will eat! This is a little heart chocolate tin with little milk chocolate goodies inside. I really like receiving this as we've had Lindt products before but this is something a bit different. I'm actually not sure what to do with this as I had a falling out with a friend recently and I'm tempted to give him this as a peace offering, but I also really want to eat them... (Hint: I hadn't even finished putting the photos into this post before I ate them all)

Cawston Press
We've received a few things from this company. I tried one and didn't like it and the rest I haven't tried. This is a carton of apple and pear for kids. I'll probably actually drink this one though - cartoned juices always seem to be better for some reason!

Brioche Pasquier
Pain au lait and croissants. It's bread. I don't know what else to say. I'll probably try these at some point.

Dr Oetker
Okay, here is when you really see my irritation for repeated companies. If I wanted to own the entire selection of Dr Oetker products, I would go out and buy them. In this case it is edible wafer products which are quite interesting I suppose. I have no real use for them because I can't imagine anything I'm wanting to bake taste particularly good with them, but I'll keep them because they're interesting and I'm sure at some point I'll run out of cases and need to use them. So I have no issue with the product. What I do have an issue with is that literally every single box recently has come with a Dr Oetker product. There have been decorations. There have been base sprays (Which, by the way, did not work!). I'm irritated by it.

In conclusion - you've probably guessed it. No more Degustabox for me! I'm disappointed by this as I loved these boxes for so long, but I'm just getting no use out of them anymore. I'm fed up of repeatedly getting items from exactly the same companies and I'm building up an irrational dislike to Dr Oetker so it's probably best to get out of it now!

On a brighter note, this does mean that I now have room for a new subscription box. Any suggestions or ones you'd like to see me try? I've tried GlossyBox and Love Me Beauty before so no return to either of those, but I'm happy to try a new beauty box, food box or lifestyle box if there are any you can think of or suggest! I'm going to be starting with My Little Box, but happy to hear your other ideas!


  1. Food! Looks so good, I like the drink's bottle :)

    Modinha Modão

  2. I signed up with The Lucky Dip Club this month, just for a one off box. I haven't received it yet but maybe it's one for you to consider too?


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