Monday, 1 September 2014

Iceland Day 2: Golden Circle Tour

On to day two of my Iceland posts, and that brings us to the Golden Circle tour.

The Golden Circle tour is pretty much the iconic tour that people tend to do when they're in Iceland; I'll be honest, I did this tour pretty much for that reason alone. It didn't appeal to me all that much, but I decided I'd do it anyway because it was the thing that people do whilst there. And overall, it was probably my least favourite tour, which shows you that you really should only do it if you're actually interested! A couple of other people I met at my hostel said the same thing; they didn't enjoy it at all, but as they were only in Iceland for a short amount of time they felt they should do the iconic one. Whereas those I met who had really wanted to do it did enjoy it.

So worry not, my enjoyment for tours increases from here ;)

The tour takes you to Gullfoss, which is actually a pretty cool little waterfall. I've kind of done waterfalls to death and didn't care for the majority I saw just because I've seen so many darn waterfalls, but Gullfoss looks particularly interesting as it appears to be running straight into the ground which is a nice little effect.

We also went along to Thingvellir, the birthplace of the Icelandic nation and the first parliament in the world. Here you can also see the division of the plates (as in those within the earth ;)) which is quite interesting as you can see where the land is literally being pulled apart.

Geysir! I'd never seen a geyser before so these were all pretty cool to me. Geysir is the oldest recorded but doesn't really do too much now, but Strokkur errupts pretty frequently. I'd say every 2-5 minutes more or less. I found this really interesting actually as each eruption was pretty different. Sometimes they'd happen immediately, sometimes you'd get two in a row, sometimes it was high and terrifying and sometimes it didn't do much at all! There's a few other random geysers around too. I thought Litl Geysir was adorable.

Faxi waterfall. Like I said, I was all waterfalled out, but it's still cool if you haven't seen a ridiculous amount!

I took some pictures in one of the gift shops too as I was having a bit of a puffin obsession. Poor stuffed puffin.

We also stopped to see some Icelandic horses - I'll include one picture here! Hint - you've got a whole post on these guys coming up later...
I went with GeoIceland tours for this trip and I'd recommend them. You go in a small van and our driver was very friendly and helpful and told us all sorts of stories!


  1. I love how "meh" you were about all the waterfalls! Haha! I think your pictures are lovely by the way! You've captured some beautiful scenery!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  2. The pictures are great. Looks very interesting and different. Can't wait for the post about the horses.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  3. Awesome! It looks cold! Beautiful scenery.

    Lennae xxx

  4. It was sooo cold! I think I had one day where I didn't wear about three jumpers.

  5. That'll be the last one in the series!

  6. Thanks! Haha, I know, it's awful - it's not that they're not impressive, I just seem to end up looking at a lot of waterfalls on every trip I go on.


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