Monday, 15 September 2014

Iceland Day 4: Snaefellsness, and my favourite Icelandic evening

Welcome to Iceland Day 4, which includes the Snaefellsness penninsula and also provides you the story of the most fun night I had in Iceland and in quite a while!

But first, lets take a look at Snaefellsness. This was the first sunny day in Iceland (this does not mean it wasn't really bloody cold and windy) and that was definitely appreciated! Having said that, for next weeks post the terrible looking weather really adds to the atmosphere of the area, but for me it was a very welcome break from constant rain.

The above photo is one of my favourites from my entire trip (my favourites all being from next weeks post!) as I think it captures the Icelandic atmosphere pretty well. You've got a little isolated house with volcanoes in the background and the ocean in front - that pretty much reflects the Icelandic spirit as much as you can get, I think!

Ahh,the ocean. I went looking for seals and finally found one. After spending all my time trying to find this one seal, I suddenly noticed there had been a group of about six or so killer whales just hanging out that I'd completely failed to notice at all.

More lava fields. I mentioned I like these, right? I never did stop finding them pretty cool. 

The above two photos are of a pretty cool area; the beach is the site of a boat wreck, and the remaining parts lay scattered over the black beach with just one sign at the beginning asking you to respect the wreck and let them lie. It was a little surreal, but a really touching spot actually that I found very interesting. I feel like if this was in pretty much any other country, it would at best all be covered in grafitti and at worst completely empty from everyone stealing the parts...

Overall Snaefellsness was a pleasant little area with some great views and finally the iconic Nordic shots that I'd been waiting for!

But my highlight of the day and this trip as a whole came in the evening. I returned to my hostel and found the person on the bed underneath mine being rather bored out of his mind reading a book - he really was not a fan of Reykjavik at all and was only there on a stopover anyway so had given up on it. We ended up chatting and getting on, so I offered to take him on a quick trip to the city where we would do the tour completely the wrong way - just picking a direction and walking it. He agreed to this, so off we went. And honestly, it was a great evening. From 7pm til 7am the following morning (and even then it only ended because I had to go and catch a bus and he had to go and pack for the airport) we just walked around having those experiences that I love the most about meeting people travelling, just finding out everything about each other, all the parts people normally don't talk about to each other but you're never going to see each other again because you live in different countries and live different lives, and you're two people connected purely by the fact that you have ridiculously good small talk chemistry and just happen to be in the same place with nothing better to do.

I may or may not have ended the night kissing a complete stranger...

I may or may not have lied about how you never meet each other again, because he may or may not have extended his stay in London by a day so that they could have a night out back here as well...

The people you meet whilst travelling, hey?



  1. Ohh, love the story of the date! Funny things can happen on travels... I've met my husband on a train :D
    Love the photos too, the lava fields are impressive and the house near the ocean looks amazing.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  2. Wow it looks amazing! I'm really loving these Iceland posts! That's so awesome that you had a lovely night out, twice! hehe

    Lennae xxx


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