Monday, 29 September 2014

Iceland Day 6 - The Finale!

We are finally at the end of the Iceland mini series - which brings us to day six, of course being my last day.

The big highlight of my last day was my horse riding day. You see, I love Icelandic horses. I always have. I was never a big horse fan despite my many many years of riding (like the sport, not the animal) but the Icelandic horse was always by far my favourite because they are one of the only breeds I would genuinely consider to be really pretty, and because they have a fun personality. What you may not know about the Icelandic horse is that they are also unique in that they have two additional gaits that other horses do not have, and so I was looking forward to trying these out whilst spending the day exploring the scenery.

I had two different horses as it was an all day thing. This was the first horse. I really liked him. However this was where I very quickly discovered that it is not that easy to get the horses to do the tolt (one of their unique gaits) but when they do do it, it is amazingly smooth. Unfortunately, the regular trot of the Iceland (or at least the two I rode) is horribly uncomfortable, and to get it to do the tolt you have to basically trot very very fast. Which means that when the horse suddenly decides it doesn't want to tolt anymore you are doing worlds most uncomfortable trot at a very fast speed and it is just... not pleasant.

The majority of the morning ride wasn't that interesting. We were around fields and paths that I'd be on normally, and it was slow paced as it was mixed ability.

In the afternoon I rode this horse. She had nicer gaits but was not a nice horse. She kept trying to bite me and everyone else. The afternoon trip was advertised as being for advanced riders so I was looking forward to it, but on the whole was really disappointed. We hardly cantered, just walked and tolt/trotted which made it kind of a painful day. The scenery WAS interesting, we went through lava fields and ruins, but I was disappointed as I much prefer cantering and galloping and as I'd signed up for an advanced rider session which specifically said you need to be able to do these things for long periods of time... yeah.

I was also put off by the fact that the driver who I think may also be the manager was a bit of a jerk. I'd arranged beforehand that my hotel be the first one to be dropped off at - you see, the way Reykjavik is organised, on all tours my hotel is literally the first or the last every single time depending on what way round the circle the bus decided to go. So by email beforehand I'd been assured that this would be completely fine. When I got there I checked about it and again, this was completely fine. When I mentioned it to this guy, he threw a tantrum over it, talked over me, was just generally rude and ruined the day pretty much. Oh well.

The reason it was important that I was first was because I had another bus waiting for me to take me to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is an artificial pool which to be fair does look pretty  cool, but it's really expensive and I expected it to be a huge disappointment. It was. It was very interesting for a little while but also a lot smaller than I expected. I guess it would be fun if you were in a couple but mostly I just put random mud masks on myself and tried not to hurt myself on any sudden rocks whilst avoiding this one particular man who had decided to keep following me around. The only reason I went was because my flight was at midnight, so I figured I'd spend the remainder of the day there (it's not too far from the airport) and then get the bus there rather than just hang out at the airport all evening. I didn't take any pictures in the actual pool bit because that seemed like an obvious disaster waiting to happen, but as you can see, I also ate sushi there. Hoorah!

And there you have it, the end of my Iceland adventure! Iceland was expensive, very very expensive, but with an interesting background, varied geography, lots of stories, and friendly (generally very attractive!) people. I think I'll probably go back at some point to complete the four day hike, but for now I think I need a bit of a break from the volcanic countries as I may have overdone it a bit recently!


  1. Oh the pools sound lovely, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip shame about the horse riding. I will miss these Iceland posts hehe

    Lennae xxx

  2. Wow, just gone through all of your Iceland trip posts and what an amazing experience. It's not somewhere I'd think to go but you got some gorgeous photos and it sounds like a lovely time over all.
    Little bit of a shame that the horse ride wasn't what you expected and that you had a moody horse haha.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo


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