Monday, 8 September 2014

Iceland Day Three; Landmannalaugar

My third day in Iceland finally brings us to the first trip I actually enjoyed - hoorah! It had to happen eventually.

I'm sorry, Iceland. You are a great country, really! 

So on my third day I headed off to Landmannalaugar. That word is not pronnounced how you think it is, by the way! (Unless you happen to be Icelandic/Nordic, in which case it probably is)
 We passed this waterfall on the way. I'm not going to snark any more waterfalls.

As we got closer, the landscapes started to change and become a bit more ominous. I loved it! I tend to think everything is a bit better when it starts to remind you of the surface of the moon...

 Also randomly around this part we came across some Icelandic people on bicycles. This was particularly odd as it had been at least 90 minutes or so since we had driven past any sort of civilization. I have no idea where they had come from or where they were going.

 Here we have the top of the beginning of the hike at Landmannalaugar! As you can see, there are some little tents down there. Landmannalaugar is also the beginning of a four day hike. Obviously I didn't do the four day hike, I was only there for a few hours, but spoiler alert, this hike was actually awesome so I am thinking of returning to do the whole four days.
 Check out the scenery! My photos don't quite capture how vivid the colours of the mountains are.

 The beginning of the walk is through lots of lava fields. It reminds me of the Galapagos Islands, except better because here there's not people shouting at you for attempting to touch anything, let alone trying to climb on anything.
 I think the scenery is so cool. Here there was a slight path deviation. I wondered off on my own, enjoying the scenery, when I discovered a small stream had formed in the path. So, of course, I had to run and jump across it. First time was fine! It was exhilerating. I am champion! Second stream was fine. On the way back the first stream was fine. Second stream my second leg missed it and I went straight in. Yep.
 This bit was taken from the top of a mini mountain, where I had my first moment of enlightement on a trip. I always have a few of these, normally far earlier, Iceland was really slacking. Anyway, I reached the top and there was no one else around, and I suddenly became aware of complete and utter silence. See, there aren't many animals in Iceland either, hardly any birds, so I literally couldn't ANYTHING from the top once the wind stopped. It was an amazing moment that probably means nothing to those of you reading this, but it was a significant moment of the trip.
 That steam you see is because that is of course volcanic!
Also around Landmannalaugar are some natural hot springs, which is what I ended with. They...weren't entirely pleasant. The weather was freezing that day so the hot springs were lovely, but because they are natural every now and then the hot water just stops and you start freezing. And again, because they're natural you're literally sitting on stones and random bits of plant keep floating at you. Getting out of the springs was absolute torture as well - you know what it's like when you leave a swimming pool to a room that is actually very warm but it feels like its cold? Yeah, imagine that except where it actually IS extremely cold. Ugh, it was awful.

Have an ominous looking volcano to end with.

This trip was definitely one of my favourites; there's another coming up that was even better but that I have no intention of returning to any time soon; Landmannalaugar I will absolutely return to, to do the entire four day hike. I love the scenery and the freedom, it's what brought me to Iceland!

I also met a fellow English person on the bus and ended up going on a strange date with him. I didn't realise it was a date at the time, he asked if I'd go out for dinner with him afterwards and I said sure thinking that it was because we just both happened to be traveling on our own. We spent ages wondering around Reykjavik looking for a menu we could agree on (I was opposed to whale, and thought everything else was too expensive. He was insisting on paying, but I still wasn't going to let anyone pay that much) and in the end we settled on a set menu in a place where the set menu wasn't actually displayed because I liked the mystery of it. It was alright! Afterwards we went to the common room of my hostel and had drinks there for a while. It was good fun!



  1. Waterfalls? MEH! Haha! ;)

    That date sounds like it was deliciously awkward and it definitely made a great story for the blog if nothing else! Plus, I was absolutely blown away by your beautiful photographs again!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  2. I saw some photos from here on another blog, so I'm excited to see some more. Really lovely landscape and atmosphere in the photos!
    Eee! on the date. At least you got a meal out of it!

  3. WOW! What beautiful photos of stunning scenery! I would love to go to Iceland, it's on my list!
    Simone |

  4. Iceland is beautiful, I really enjoyed the series. That date was strange, but it was a nice addition to a charming holiday.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  5. wow wow wow! These photos are just gorgeous- I'd love to visit there someday. :)

  6. Wow awesome! I want to go to ICELAND!!!

    Lennae xxx

  7. If you like that strange date, you'll very much like the one I talk about next week, haha!

  8. Go for it! It's pricey, but it's a nice place and so quick from London!

  9. To be fair he was a really nice guy and we had a really fun evening, it was just...I did not know what was going on haha.

  10. I know, you pointing out my issue with waterfalls made me tone it down haha! It was only awkward for a little, he was lovely and it ended up being a really fun evening - those weird connections are the ones I like the most. It's nothing compared to the one I mention next week though ;)


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