Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Little Box UK September: My Little Parisienne Box

I recently found out about Paris based My Little Box and have been so excited waiting for their UK launch. I've tried out quite a few boxes and while I love the surprise of getting something random through the post each month, it generally ends up being a disappointment eventually. So I was excited to find My Little Box, which is more of a lifestyle, beauty and fashion box than any one in particular and focuses its boxes around different themes; Such as My Little Sunshine Box or My Little Happy Box. This idea appealed to me much more, as I don't really use many beauty products so a general lifestyle one with a different theme was so much more ideal to me! The boxes also looked really beautifully presented and basically like they tell a story as you open it, so I was super excited to receive my first one.

And here it is!

It's quite fitting I think that the first box is My Little Parisienne Box, and it sure does work as a little introduction to the company. The first thing I thought whilst looking through the products was how well presented and designed it was, and how great the quality of the contents were.

Let's take a closer look shall we?

The first thing I see is this cute little inspiration card. I really love the design of it, and I love the idea of these little cards. I have a little display board that I stick random things on (right now it includes a painting I got in Zimbabwe, a lucky charm someone gave me, some photos, and the flower that used to live in my beloved VW Beetle!) and little things like this will work wonderfully, or on my work locker or something along those lines. Ironically I'm not actually a fan of Paris, (maybe this box will convince me otherwise?) but I am loving the idea of these and this is such a cute card.

Next up is some cute little stickers. This is a cute idea, though I won't be decorating my own things with them as I know some little girls who would love them a lot more than me so I may use them as rewards for them :)

Next up is a little book which begins as an introduction to My Little Box and tells you a bit about it and the people behind it. The book is really well made and again beautifully presented, the photos are wonderful and really help with the atmosphere and experience of the whole box. The rest of the book is plain, which is a little odd when some of it works as an advert and some of it is your own use - but I'll still definitely be using it though I'm not entirely sure what for yet!

On to the beauty products!

First up is Huile Prodigieuse dry oil. I honestly had to google this to find out what on earth I was supposed to do with it which should tell you exactly why I don't do most beauty boxes anymore, but it seems it is to provide moisture to the face, body and hair. A little strange but it smells really lovely, and winter is coming so of course I'll be using it.

Next up we have a Laura Mercier foundation primer. I bought my first foundation primer a few months ago and have used it a grand total of never (which again, should tell you why I don't do beauty boxes anymore!) but it goes on really easily and again smells soft and pretty. I'll inevitably end up trying this at some point!

The final beauty product is from the My Little Beauty range and is Stylo Lumiere, which is a light pen .

The final product in the box is this pretty little case which you can use for a tablet or a small laptop. As you might expect, it is slightly too big for my tablet and slightly too small for my laptop, but it is so pretty and well made that I definitely want to find some sort of use for it. The design is pretty and it is well padded and feels really secure for your items. I may stick my tablet in it even though it looks a bit ridiculous in it just because I like it so much!

In conclusion, I am happy with my first My Little Box. I wasn't sure what to expect AT ALL, but the items are so pretty and well made and offer such a great variety that I'm really happy with it and really really looking forward to next months box. I really love the idea of having themes and I can't wait til next month to find out what the theme is going to be!


  1. This box is amazing! Such an incredible idea!



  2. Lovely items. As you said a few times, I wouldn't use most of them, but they are cute.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  3. Haha, I do find myself making use of the items simply because I have them - but in this case they are adorable so I see nothing wrong with that :)

  4. I do love subscription boxes and I think this one is going to be on my list for a while! Planning on giving it a try?

  5. I definitely will! xxx


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