Friday, 12 September 2014

The Sims 4: Review

As many of you know, in November and December I'll be on medical leave. Throughout this time I'll be unable to eat, exercise, go out very much - meaning my blog will become amazingly active, basically! So I was planning on saving the Sims 4 until then, since I'd be pretty house confined anyway.

Well, dear reader, I am a failure. The 5th came around and I spent a grand total of two hours trying different Asda and Tesco stores to try and find a copy (and then the next day found a discount code that would have saved me £20, dammit), and the 6th I sat there for three hours straight playing the game, stopped myself from playing it anymore, and spent the remainder of the night thinking about playing it. Yep.

This is just going to be a quick review, as I'm not much of a gamer and I'm definitely not much of a game reviewer. I have owned every Sims game, and many of the expansions, and in the build up to the Sims 4 I was genuinely not very excited at all as I thought it was too much of a downgrade from the Sims 3. Well, I was wrong.

The Sims 4 plays perfectly on my three year old laptop. There are loading screens, but they are not bad ones - they are there for around 5-10 seconds, and usually on the lower end of the spectrum. I don't like that so many normal careers are missing (I want my Sims to be doctors and police officers, not astronauts) but I do like the changes to the careers, because they're more difficult now - I used to bloody hate the whole having to make friends to go up in careers and I would cheat around it, but I hated how easy it was on the Sims 3. For the Sims 4 you have daily tasks and more that you need to complete.

I was never one of those people that disliked the look of the Sims in the Sims 3, but I LOVE how they look in Sims 4. It's easy to make some very attractive Sims, and a lot of effort has gone in to making the different ethnicities as well.

Overall - it is just more fun to play. Group conversations are a thing that makes a huge difference and looks so much more natural. And multi tasking also makes the whole thing more natural! For example, my Sims' housemate was watching TV on the sofa in the morning. I told my other Sim to go and get herself some breakfast, and she then automatically went and sat next to her housemate and whilst eating also watched the TV and talked to her. I sent the other Sim off to work and spotted a friend of my Sims jogging outside. I quickly clicked on him to tell her to go and talk to him and off she went, taking her plate with her and eating it at the same time. It's very little changes but actually it makes an enormous difference and makes it much more fun to play. The emotion system is a nice change too - it doesn't make a huge difference for my Sims at least but I have made two very easy going Sims - however normally when playing I go out of my way to keep everything happy and I never bother with the negative interactions. When my Sim is angry in the Sims 4, I will make sure I include some and do have my Sim get bitter and insulting and mean and reclusive and whatever else according to her mood in a way that I wouldn't have done before.

Overall; I'm enjoying it, and you should get it too :)


  1. That so sad to hear that you won't be able to do much for a while, but great for the blogging!! I hope whatever you are going through gets easier! I LOVE the Sims 4. I pre-ordered it and picked it up the morning it was released. I was very excited as I have been a Sims fiend since the very first Sim City (before Sims 1!!)... I agree with everything you said, including the group discussions and the ethnicities of my Sims. Let yourself play for hours on end, it's something everyone deserves every once in a while. I have already played my game 40 hours (it tracks how long on Origin).. A bit embarrassing, but what can I say? Haha!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. I have to try them!

  3. I've been watching people play it on YouTube and it looks AMAZING. The Sims do look better, although I'm sad to see they took away pools and toddlers and CAS. It's taking everything in my power to not buy it now and play it all day every day, but to actually wait until I have time... pray for me :( haha

  4. Oooh I've been wanting to try Sims 4 and now you've convinced me even more.

  5. I love the Sims and practically have all expansions of the first three, but I wasn't sure about this one when I saw it on YouTube, it looks really similar to Sims 2. I might look into it though! xx

  6. I love Sims, sadly I don't have enough time at the moment to play it. I use to think about playing it at night too :D

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK


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