Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Goodbye September / Hello October

Flower at September 11 Memorial September, you sure were a trying month weren't you?

I'm not going to lie, it's sort of nice to see the back of you. September brought a falling out with one of my closest friends that still hasn't sorted itself out despite my best efforts, a break up, and the pure annoyance of trying to find a date that all of my friends can do for November - hint, I failed miserably at that. I also failed my motorbike test, got a lot of passive aggressive emails from managers, and found lots of new people at work, most of whom do not at all fill the boots of the people they replaced.

Let's try and look at this at a learning experience shall we? I want to say that I should learn from the falling out that I shouldn't give so much to people, but actually, I don't regret that at all. Maybe I do give people too much and spend too much time on them, but frankly I appreciate it so much when someone does the same to me and I hate feeling abandoned so much that I don't see why I'd stop this. Maybe there's something to say about putting in too much effort to fix something that somebody else broke, but that's sort of just my personality and I don't think it is going to change any time soon. This finding a date thing - well, it's important to me as the party is going to be my last day before I'm in hospital, so I want as many people there as possible and it makes me sad when they can't. I know I'm being silly though - the people who can't have all offered to arrange something for another date and so I should really be happy that they want to spend time with me at all, I guess the exact date doesn't really matter.

Still, September - learning experiences aside, I've sort of had enough of you now. No offence. I hope you come back nicer next time.


Well, hello October!

You're going to be a really odd month. This month, and actually every month for the rest of this year, is going to be very, very different. October is going to be the month of much cramming, as it is the last month before I have surgery and go on medical leave where I won't be allowed to exercise or eat for a few months. Which is a bit shit.... and why I have to make sure that October isn't!

So October is going to be the month of much cramming. Of making sure I see as many people as possible, and do as much as possible. It brings the London Restaurant Festival, which I'm going to be taking full advantage of and already have a few places lined up. It also brings London Cocktail Week, which I'm going to take equal advantage of - it's best to keep things even, don't you think? It's the anniversary of friendship with one of my closest friends - last year we went to our first Michelin starred restaurant, this year we are hoping to go to Alton Towers but either way we'll manage something. I'm going to do as many big social events as I can and ignore the cost because hey, I have a few months coming up in which I'm basically not going to be doing anything social (or particularly fun!) so I might as well do what I can. This means going to that big horror gathering. This means sorting as many dinners and meals as I can. This also means going to the gym lots, even though I really don't want to, because frankly I'll miss it when I'm not able to.

Oh October, you're basically my last month of having a life this year, won't you please make an effort and be awesome? It'll be much appreciated.



  1. Sorry to hear about everything that happened this month, sending big hugs your way! Your plans for October sound very exciting though, can't wait to hear about it :D

  2. I hope that October is much kinder to you lovely! <3 xx

  3. Thank you! I just hope they live up to it, so far October is just proving itself to be hectic haha :)


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