Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween Chocolate Picks!

I've mentioned before that Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, and also that chocolate is one of my favourite things - so I think it stands to reason that Halloween chocolate also ranks pretty highly on my list of things that I enjoy!

This year it's also pretty important as in two weeks I'm going to be put on a liquid diet for around six weeks - so this little selection here is probably also the last batch of chocolate I'm going to be eating! :(

I'm going to be working a 24 hour shift on Halloween itself so no typical Halloween festivities for me - however I'll be taking some of these treats along with me to keep myself and my co-workers going (or just to taunt them with, haven't decided yet) and I'll also be using them to accompany all the horror movies I'm watching this month. And, who am I kidding, sometimes I'm going to have them as part of lunch just because I want to as well...

So featured in my little stash we have two Halloween candy canes, a Hotel Chocolat Beastly Bites, Yikes!, and Oozy Eyes, a Cadbury Scream Egg, some little chocolate pumpkins, and some white chocolate raspberry bon bons. What's in your spooky stash this year?



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