Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My Little Box October 2014 - DVF Collaboration

Last time I made a post about My Little Box it was for the UK launch - I posted about how excited I'd been for what seemed like a unique addition to the subscription box scene, and about how happy I was with the products that arrived.

When I first opened my box I wasn't quite as convinced, but was still feeling optimistic. This box is a collaboration with Diane Von Furstenberg, a fashion designer who had not previously heard of. Still, the design of the outside box was quite nice and I felt pretty optimistic about the contents all the same - my last box had been so great, and the past boxes I'd seen looked fantastic as well, so I was pretty confident that this box would still be a good one - even if I had no idea who the person it was based around was!

Let's look inside then, shall we?

The opening card was one I actually really liked. "Be the woman you want to be" is the quote on it, which is a little interesting I think being that the author of said quote is a woman who married a prince and therefore probably had better chances at being who she wanted to be than most... But alas, I actually really liked this card and it's one I'm planning on keeping. Even if you know absolutely nothing about the person behind it or what any of it symbolises, I think it's well designed and inspirational, and I'll be adding it to my Mood Board for next month all the same.

Next up was a copy of My Little World magazine. I missed out on this in my last box so I was looking forward to seeing it but was pretty underwhelmed by the whole thing. It's well designed and good quality but, well, not in the least bit interesting. Of course, this is a DVF collaboration but having the whole thing about her is a bit much. Interviews with her which aren't particularly interesting, her background. It's the wrap dress that DVF is famous for, so interviews with people who...wear...wrap dresses. Yeah. I was really looking forward to having a flick through this but it ended up with me spending about two minutes on it before deciding I really couldn't force myself to read any more.

Next up is the little lip brooch. Initially, I liked this. I had no idea when I'd wear it, but actually I thought it was pretty cool and I'd keep in my jewellery box. And then I googled it, and found out that these lips were actually one of their logos. Yeah. Not cool MLB, I'm really not going to go around wearing the logo of a brand I'm not familiar with and don't particularly care about.

Next up is this scarf, which I believe comes in two prints. I think I lucked out with this one because actually I like this scarf. It's really soft and silky, the texture is really nice, and I do actually like the print. I tend to go a bit monochrome or dulled down in the winter and so this is a nice touch - the other option available is a green and white one which I just don't like anywhere near as much so I got the right one this time round. I don't really know what I'll use it for as I'm not much of a scarf person, but I'll keep it all the same as it is nicely made and a nice print. The book suggests wearing it as a head scarf - I tried this and looked like a pirate. We'll see.

On to the beauty products!

First up is My Little Beauty's own product - Eau Micellaire Demaquilante. This is a micellar water that removes make up and improves skin complexion. It's a good sized bottle and smells really nice. I'm not entirely sure when I'll use this but I'll keep it in my box in the bathroom as I'm sure it'll come up.

Next up is a 24 hour hold and anti humidity shield by Kerastase, I'm in two minds on this as I do find hair products quite dull - but on the other hand I don't actually own hair spray or any other product like this so it's actually going to be really useful to me and I'm glad to receive it! I have actually been thinking of buying a hair spray recently so this works for me.

Finally is a hand cream by L'Occitane. This is a tiny little product but it smells really good and I've not used a L'Occitane product before so I'm looking forward to putting it to the test.

Overall - I'm pretty disappointed by this product, let's be honest. To me this could have been basically any other subscription box and I wouldn't have known the difference. I'm not too disappointed by the beauty products it came with, but if I just wanted a box of beauty products I'd go with one of the bigger beauty brands and expect a lot more of them for my money! The products just weren't all that interesting to me and either way this box just did not have the feel that the one prior to it did, and the feel that I was expecting from this brand. I'll definitely still be keeping my subscription as last month was great and all the past boxes I've seen have been fantastic, but I definitely am disappointed this time around.

If you'd like to subscribe to My Little Box, you can do so via their website, here.


  1. Looks like a great box, love the card.

  2. Great post! I'm still on the fence with whether to subscribe to my little box or not! Decisions decisions!!

  3. I really just need all these things in my life!

  4. I wish I had the reason to have multiple subscription boxes on the go!

  5. Wait for the third one and see how you feel about it? I have a feeling it'll be great as all the pre-UK ones seemed fantastic, and the first one over here really was very good!

  6. What a great box - I need to get a subscription box order for Christmas.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  7. I'm hoping that next month they will be back to their usual, whimsical roots that they're already so well known for! xx


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