Friday, 10 October 2014

Things I Wish I Was Good At...

I've quite frequently mentioned the fact that I'm going to be using my upcoming medical leave as a time to develop some skills. But let's take a look at what I'm going to be focusing on, shall we?

I want to make cute little crochet critters so bad. I have this book. I have some wool. I have some hooks. The problem is, I have owned all of this for...maybe two years now? I have made multiple attempts. I cannot do it. I cannot make the beginning eggs, let alone a full blown chicken. This is a book for beginners but it may as well have been written in a different language. Youtube manages to enlighten me and then confuse me further all at the same time. It's a good job I have a whole lot of time to sit there and figure this out, isn't it?! Hey, maybe I'll have opened an Etsy shop by the end of December...

Speaking of learning another language - why not learn an actual one? I've spent a lot of time trying to learn Spanish, but I'm just not consistent enough with it. It also doesn't help that I can speak conversational Italian which is very similar to Spanish - so whenever I'm trying to speak Spanish and I hit a word that's the same in both languages, I automatically default back to Italian. This seems like a pretty good time to make a proper attempt at learning it.

I used to know every little way of using my last camera. Then I got my newer camera, got some lenses and - okay, I admit it, I'm that person who uses my DSLR on default settings. I used to know how to get my last one to do whatever I wanted, and I think it's about time I could do the same for my newer one. Especially when it's not actually all that new any more!

I have this book that teaches me how to make some cute origami animals and comes with a lot of really pretty paper as well. I'll be honest, I haven't actually tried to make anything out of it yet - I looked at the diagrams, concluded it was more difficult than I'd expected, and decided I'd save it for med leave. It's coming up, so hopefully I can soon become that person who leaves a trail of little origami elephants wherever they go!

Going to the gym
Okay, this probably isn't going to be something I manage to do during my leave being that I have an exercise ban (HOORAH) but right now I basically pay my gym membership to go about once a month - generally towards the end of the month when I suddenly realise I haven't been yet and isn't that a waste of money? I used to be great at this. I'd go to the gym about three days a week, but then I got ill and my progress went back so far I didn't want to do it anymore. Then I got really into yoga, but the one good teacher left and the others make me irritated. Then I discovered zumba was really fun, but then I got fed up with giving up my evenings. I briefly had basically no free evenings because I was either working them, seeing friends, or at the gym - and I just wanted a few evenings a week where I could basically just sit there and relax - come on, I average 60-70 hour weeks at the moment, I need that! I've been trying to inspire myself to go to the gym BEFORE work so I stop losing all my evenings, but so far that is absolutely not happening. Hopefully when I start improving I can start doing yoga in the mornings, and then keep that in my daily schedule when I return to work.

Visiting exhibitions
This falls into the above - I just don't have the time. I wish I had the time, but when I do have the time I'm seeing friends. It's part of why I moved to London so I definitely miss it - hopefully having so much time off will give me an opportunity to go and check out all the cool things that are going on and regain some culture :)

I wish I could draw - but in particular, I wish I could draw cartoons. I have the above book all ready which is supposed to teach you how to draw cartoon animals. I love the pictures on the front as it's exactly the style I'd like to be able to draw, but a quick flick through suggests its one of those books where the instructions consist of, "1. Draw two circles. 2. Okay, now turn that into a dog." which isn't the most helpful for someone as clueless as me!

I'm not even going to take a picture of the watercolour for beginners book I have because it's so complicated looking I know I'm not even going to humour it. But what I have discovered is that painting by numbers for adults is very definitely a real thing and there are some great looking canvases available.In particular there's a really pretty purpley/blue one of London I've seen, and I think that's going to be the one I start with.


  1. I have the exact same feelings about crochet! And basically everything else on this list too. I always try to learn new skills and then I give up when I'm not an immediate prodigy at it :P I want to make cute little animals for my friends :'( xx

  2. Keep persevering with crochet. Once you 'get it' you'll never forget how to do it.

  3. It's just a matter of whether I'll ever actually get it!

  4. I so want to, and it's so annoying because my housemate is really good at it, picks up things like that really quickly, and has proven that I am completely unteachable at any of it haha :(

  5. I firmly believe that everyone can crochet. If you get really stuck then you can always skype with me :)

  6. I finally picked up crochet after I went to a class at a local shop, having someone in person show me was the only way. I hope to progress to making animals too soon. Keep going! Love your list.

  7. I love having culture days too and going to exhibitions and museums! Would really recommend heading to the Tower of London to see the poppy display if you haven't been already and the Charles Dickens museum, which is also where he lived! I'm a bit of a geek so I loved it and wanted to buy everything in the gift shop!


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