Saturday, 1 November 2014

Goodbye October // Hello November

Dear October...

  It's sort of occured to me that I may have made a pretty big mistake with October. You see, as I have surgery coming up next month, I became a little bit of an accidental recluse. I'm normally overly social but to prepare myself for having a month or so where I'm not going to be really able to see anyone, I've been cutting it down - which in retrospect is silly because why remove more social time when that's already going to be happening? Surgery actually does make things very difficult - for example, I got asked out by someone who actually I think it would work very well with, but I told him I would be too busy at the moment - which sounds much better than the real answer of "actually in a few weeks I'm going to have a new face and I don't know how you're going to feel about the new one, or even how I'm going to feel about the new one, and either way I'm going to have a while of only being able to eat liquids and not really being able to talk, oh, and being swollen up like a basketball, so it's probably not really a very good time for that sort of thing is it?" He says he finds me interesting enough to wait it out but ha, we'll see.

  What I have learnt though is that I've also cut some of my working hours down for the same reason. I've gone from 60 every week to 60 every other week, and actually that's been a big improvement. Normally I do the extra hours because I get to hang out with my friends and do fun things and so I don't mind how exhausted its been making me, but actually rotating the weeks has let me see that I do function much better with a little bit of rest every now and then...

  This month I also went to Alton Towers (lots of fun! The theming is great, the all you can eat is great, etc etc), watched The House at the End of the Street (a big recommendation from me) and got addicted to a game called Pocket Stables on my tablet which I don't think I really actually enjoy but have still become obsessed with.

  Oh, and that's another point - the eating. Definitely been enjoying that. I've been living under the idea that in two weeks I won't be able to eat any more, so there's absolutely no harm whatsoever in eating whatever and however much I want right now. No regrets there.

Dear November...

  So that links quite nicely on to the fact that in about two weeks I'm going to be having surgery. I've never had surgery before, so that's definitely a strange thing. It's also going to be on my face, so that's pretty worrying, because I have absolutely no idea what it's going to look like afterwards. I'm not the biggest fan of my face, but you know, I've had it for quite a long time now so it's going to be very strange suddenly having a new one. I also don't know if I'm going to like the changes, and if I don't, well, too bad. I'm also not really going to know what they look like for a while because I'm going to be horrendously swollen and everything else and even then it'll keep moving for a year or so. Bleurgh.

  As a result of this I'll also be spending the latter half of the month (and most of December) stuck at home, unable to eat, exercise, talk or do very much at all. But, on a brighter note, time to learn to craft and everything else. Yep. It's not going to be a fun time, let's be real here.

  It's a good job I'm going to be spending the first two weeks going to some fancy restaurants, enjoying some fireworks, and then finally having a "leaving party" which I really need to have planned by now but actually haven't at all aside from knowing the majority of who is coming. Failure.

  So...November is a mystery, a bit of a scary one, but maybe it'll all be okay!


  1. Hope the surgery goes smoothly and that you'll be happy with the result.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  2. Those cupcakes look amazing!!
    Have a pretty day.
    Kayleigh xo

  3. Best of luck with your surgery Nicola :) <3 Gisforgingers xx

  4. Louise-Amy Jones3 November 2014 at 21:05

    What surgery are you having? I've got to have a jaw reconstruction surgery eek! Good luck! x

  5. What kind of surgery are you going to have ? Good luck with all of that, I'll be sending positive vibes your way !

    Charlie xx

  6. Jaw surgery with a genioplasty too - what fun! Thanks :)

  7. Oooh, potentially same as you! Lower jaw and then my chin as well. You? And thanks!


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