Monday, 17 November 2014

Jaw Surgery - One Week into Recovery!

So I'm going to start doing these recovery posts about once a week to keep you updated on my progress, and because it may be interesting to some of you. This week may actually be the exception as tomorrow I'm going into hospital again to find out if I'm having more surgery on Wednesday, in which case the whole schedule thing goes to pot - but if I've avoided more surgery I'll be posting a recovery post once a week for a while and two regular posts a week as well again. I already have some posts typed up and ready so hopefully I'll be able to post them...!

Not too much has changed since my last post although my swelling has gone down very slightly- I no longer look like a hippo and instead look like a morbidly obese person. So there's progress. Sort of. Also, as of day six (today) I've noticed that the swelling is going down on one side of my chin more than the other, which makes me look a bit like my face is sliding off.

I thought I would show you what my first week diet is consisting of. I should of course start this by stating very, very clearly that I am eating such limited portions because I have literally no choice in the matter, and of course I'm not saying that you should eat these portions if you have the ability not to! I'm not encouraging anything unhealthy, and my current diet is extremely unhealthy under any other circumstances - and frankly, I do plan on trying to eat more, but eating through a syringe is the most time consuming thing in the world, especially when there's no room between your teeth to aim it and you have to sort of wedge the blooming thing right into the back of your mouth. My friends that have visited have mostly been good about eating their food in a different room to me, but I want to cry every time I hear what they have. If you knew how much I wanted pie, or chips, or spaghetti... Considering I'm such a big eater normally this is so far a painful experience in many ways!

So breakfast each day is a fruit yogurt. As of today I managed to eat a whole one with no real problems, so I'm hoping to tomorrow promote myself to two. Two whole yogurts! Lord if you knew how many of these I used to eat. Anyway, these aren't so bad to manage, the main problem is that they are quite messy. I am yet to finish a yogurt without ending up wearing the yogurt.

Lunch each day is half a tin of a nutritional milkshakes my housemate got me. I've had the chocolate one so far and I did actually feel better after it. They taste pretty nice, the problem is that they're really thick and I can just feel them coating my teeth, which of course I can't brush. I also had a banana one, which did not taste at all like banana.

Dinner each day is half a tin of soup. Right now I have ten Sainsbury's varieties and they're actually really good considering I got the cheapest ones available! The main problems with this are that some of them are still too lumpy to actually fit in the syringe, so I have to sit there and sieve them first. Depressing. The second is that it takes me so long to eat it that by the time I'm about half way through the soup is cold, and who wants cold soup?! Someone bought me some baby food as a gift and I was actually pretty excited about them (yes, this is my life now) because they were in interesting sounding flavours like casseroles, but they are actually too advanced for me right now. How sad is that?! My appetite is fully back so ugh, the ability to actually eat needs to come back soon.

I also have these fruit puree things that I'm hoping to start incorporating with lunch from now on, and I got these barocca tablets that I'm going to try and drink throughout the day.

In addition to the above, I have these antibiotics that I take three times a day. They are really sweet and syrupey which again is not nice when you can't brush your teeth. I have these pain killers which I'm supposed to take two syringes of four times a day, but to be honest I usually just manage one syringe once or twice and that's depending on how badly I need it. Not only does it not taste nice but it's genuinely painful to take it, and therefore a lot of the time I decide to just not do it. I also have some more pain killers that again I've only taken once when I really, really needed to, and this mouthwash which I have to use four times a day. Again, try taking mouthwash when your mouth doesn't close properly and you can't spit it out properly. It's not pleasant.

Energy levels in general are pretty low, which for someone who used to literally run up and down the stairs is hard to adjust to. Today my housemate made my soup for me because standing up for three minutes to cook it was taking too much out for me. It took me half an hour to walk what used to take about five minutes and I felt awful at the end. I need to find some sort of app that'll motivate me, like a couch to 5k but for walking, ha.

I'm hoping that tomorrow at the hospital they'll loosen up the elastics a little. At the moment I have four on each hook so my teeth literally do not open at all. When they can, it'll be much easier to wedge a syringe in between them and then I can get through the food much quicker and therefore eat a bit more. When it's taking half an hour to eat a yogurt you do kind of lose the will to continue, especially when you know you have tonnes of medication to come after it. I'm unwilling to leave the house still as my face is still absolutely enormous but when I can I want to start getting some vegetables to juice - although to be fair at the moment my energy levels are way too low to sit there and clean the juicer! Before this I used to average about five hours sleep a night and worked well on it. Now I'm in bed for about twelve hours straight (though not sleeping particularly well, most positions really hurt to sleep in and even subtle movements can change this) plus a nap half way through the day. It's ridiculous!

Anyway - here's hoping I'm not back in surgery and that next weeks update will be a bit better! Dreading leaving the house tomorrow, I've been going for tiny walks and wearing a scarf completely tied round my head which I realise looks more ridiculous. Today we've had lots of post people coming to talk to me and I've been speaking to them in barely understandable English combined with covering up my face, so the idea of having to go out, get on a bus and go to the hospital is a bit mortifying for me - which is a new feeling for me when I've never had confidence problems before.


  1. I am sending you so much love. I had surgery earlier this year so I know how difficult it can be.

  2. Sending virtual hugs! This sounds so hard you are such a trooper <3 xx

  3. Sucks right? You don't realise how much difference all the little things you can no longer do make! Thanks :)

  4. My little sister had this same surgery in the summer, bringing her lower jaw forward by 1cm, and I have all the sympathy for you! All I can say is that when you are better it will all be worth it, and she doesn't regret it in the slightest. I don't know if you have anyone who's had it before to talk to, but if you want my sisters twitter, just ask and I'll put you in touch. She became an expert at what soft foods tasted best!

    Rachel x

    The Inelegant Wench

  5. Ah what a pain! It will be worth it! I always found tinned spaghetti food for when my teeth were sore so when you can chew give it a go! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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