Friday, 21 November 2014

My Little Cozy Box; November 2014

When I received my first My Little Box I thought it was fantastic, and then when I received my second I thought it was easily my least favourite box I'd received from any subscription company. I therefore was not quite sure how to feel when My Little Cozy Box arrived this morning, but of course hoped it would be able to live up to my previous expectations for it!

We begin as always with a little card. I liked the message on this and was therefore disappointed that literally ten seconds after taking this photo I managed to place it in some sort of eggy remains and ruin it :(

Next up was My Little World magazine. The first box didn't come with one and the last one didn't appeal to me at all, but a quick flick through already lets me see I'm much happier with this one! It includes DIY tips to hang up paper lanterns, advice on how to properly remove your make up, a how-to hairstyle guide...etc etc! There's much more in this magazine that I would actually read than in the previous one. Don't get me wrong, this is still a quick read - but, well, you're not buying this box just because you want a magazine.

Next up is this little bouillotte - aka, a little cushion that you reheat in the microwave. Guys, you have no idea how amazed I was to have this. IT IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. At the moment the worst of my swelling is around the underneath of my chin and jaw and I have been trying all sorts of heat strips that don't do anything or end up literally stuck to my face. This cushion is folded by three so it actually fits perfectly where I need it to be and will of course provide heat! I know that wasn't really the intention, but I'm so pleased as this is literally exactly what I wanted, haha.

I was a little wary to see this box as I don't like coffee, but I thought it would make a nice gift for my housemate who is currently having to look after me quite a lot. But when I opened up the box I discovered it actually contained this cute little mug! It's a small mug so in a way I question its purpose, but it's a nice little message and I do like it. I think I'm going to use mine to keep a little cup of water by my bed.

On to the beauty products! We'll start with this Essie nail polish. It's a mini one, so only 5ml and actually smaller than I expected, but it's a really pretty shade - a lovely pink, or "Cute as a Button" if you want more specifics!. I'm not normally allowed to wear nail polish at work but obviously I'm off for another few weeks so I've even put it on already! It's a good shade, goes on very easily and for most of my nails I didn't even need a second coat.

Next we have a My Little Beauty mascara. I haven't used it yet and as around my eyes are still a bit swollen I'm going to ignore the temptation to try it, but it's a nice full brush and I'm looking forward to being able to try it when I'm a bit more human again.

And finally, we have this waterproof Star Liner, by Arcancil Paris. I don't use eyeliner, but if I did I suspect this would be a good one! Whenever I receive an eyeliner I always try it out on my hand even though I know I'm not going to use it, and this one is of good quality - it's smooth with good coverage and I'd say one of the easiest ones to use.

Overall - I'm back to being happy with My Little Box! It's still not as amazing as I'd first hoped, perhaps, but I did enjoy this box and I'll be using most of the products inside of it. My Little Box is available in France and the UK, and if you'd like to receive one then you can sign up on their website, here!


  1. It's too bad that the card got ruined! It looks kind of vintagey in that last picture. Maybe you can make the whole thing vintagey...?

  2. Ahh it's amazing that the little cushion is exactly what you need right now, right thing and just the right time! xx

  3. Yeah, until I saw Jennie's post (who got the eyeshadow as well) I assumed they were all the same! It's a bit odd I think - if there was some variety in colours or something instead it would make a bit more sense to me.

  4. I owe it for already making my face about half the size again, haha!

  5. It's so disappointing, especially as I would totally stick that up on my door! Unfortunately it's more ruined than it looks, and, well, smells eggy ;)

  6. This is really cute! The nail polish is a much better addition than the eyeshadow!



  7. This box is really cute! I do love all the little illustrations it comes with - still can't decide if I want to subscribe! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  8. I enjoy it, but I suppose it depends on what you want from a box! :)

  9. I'm looking forward to trying it now my face has gone down a few sizes, haha

  10. It is a really nice shade! Not sure I'd call it a particularly cozy one, but it is a pretty one!

  11. Hey ya! I also received my Cozy Box but have no idea how to use the Bouillotte! Do I need to get it wet before putting it in the microwave? I did but it did not feel very warm, and afterwards it got very cold!!

  12. Nope, just stick it in the microwave!


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