Monday, 10 November 2014

Off to surgery!

  Today is a bit of an odd post, but a little explanation for why I'm most likely not going to be around for the next week or so (and then ridiculously here ALL THE TIME for a few weeks after that).

  Tomorrow morning I'm going in to hospital to have surgery. I'm basically having multiple jaw area surgeries - I'll be having my lower jaw broken and moved forward, and then I'm going to have my chin moved back to counteract it.

  The surgery itself isn't that complicated apparently, and it's about two hours which is apparently short for surgery standards. I should only have one night in the hospital, but then I'll be off work for the rest of the year for a couple of reasons.

  The three official reasons are that I'm going to have a ban on exercise, I won't be able to eat, and I won't be able to talk very well for a while. So obviously these circumstances do not work well with a job that is very active and public facing...

  The other reason is that I'm going to look different at the end of it, and that is the terrifying part. Because I do not know how I will look, and I may not like it. And even if I do like it, it's going to be bloody weird because I've had this face for quite a long time now and tomorrow it's going to be different. There's quite a lot of movement in my case, so very different. That's going to be very strange, to put it mildly.

  And I don't know how I'm going to react to all this. I have a feeling I'm going to hide away for a while. I may really hate it, so I won't want people to see me. Or maybe I won't hate it, but it'll look so different that I won't want to see my friends anymore. I know that when I push my jaw forward I hate how it looks, but I also know it won't really look like that anyway so I can't even imagine how it's going to look. Either way, the first couple of days at least I'm going to be swollen like a balloon and then it's going to be a few weeks before it settles down a bit. And even then, I won't actually know what it's going to look like until it's completely settled in 6 months to a year or so. I've never been in hospital so I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm not really very well prepared either - It started off well, I saw off a friend, I paid in a cheque, I got some essentials (I literally spent £20 on soup and Frubes. Oh, and some shampoo...), I spent ages sorting out all my expenses and suchlike. And then I sat and waited for the hospital to call me to confirm my time for tomorrow. And then they did, and it was really late in the day, and then I cried and didn't want to do anything anymore.

  So this is all very scary, and I won't be around for a week or so. But then I'll post an update next week so you know what's going on. And then after that I'll be trapped at home living off soup until the end of the year, so I guess you'll discover me becoming ridiculously active on here and twitter.

  At some point I'll also update you on the previous weekend - I had a good send off and I was actually surprised by how many friends came along, I really wasn't expecting very many people to turn up. Also, I'll write something proper on this later, but the Imperial War Museum's changes are really really good and you should definitely go. Anyway.

  Well... see y'all on the other side!


  1. wishing you all the best, and everything turns out ok! take care x

  2. Good luck with your surgery xo

  3. hi lovely. it will be absolutely fine i promise you. my brother has his jaw broken and pretty much the same surgery you will have. he came out the other end absolutely fine. his face looks different, and much better if anything. you will look stunning, promise

  4. Hope it went well! I had relatively minor facial surgery last year, it was terrifying but so worth it! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  5. Sending you so much luck for your surgery! I hope everything goes well. Stay strong! Always know you have your blog to fall back on. If you love it, hate it, or are unsure of it! I can't imagine waking up with a different face, so I understand your bit of fear. But have faith and know that the right people will be there for you when you come out of this. If they aren't supportive this time around, they're not worth your time in any other circumstance.

    Much Love
    -Stephanie Eva

  6. My goodness Nicola. This all sounds rather traumatic. Good luck with your surgery and looking forward to seeing you back blogging very soon x

  7. Hope everything goes well! Sounds kinda scary... :/ Anway, can't wait for you to get back blogging (only if everything has healed properly and your fine... <3)

    Best of luck,
    Izzy from ... check out my latest post ;)


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