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Wreath Making with Hobbycraft (and a quick look at their other Christmas selection too!)

As you may have noticed from the piles of crafts I'm attempting to take up, this being stuck at home situation really does not work for me! Therefore I was extra pleased to receive this wreath making kit* from Hobbycraft to give me something to do whilst trapped at home!

I'm a complete Hobbycraft beginner as well as a complete wreath making beginner - or really, anything crafty for that matter! So when I first saw the selection I really wasn't sure what I was going to do with it all. Let's take a quick look through the box...

Unsurprisingly, we start with a wreath! This one is made from the same sort of material as Christmas trees, so you can bend different parts around and move it in different directions.
Next up, three little robins. I thought these were really cute and immediately knew I wanted to use all of the little guys! They have big clips on their feet to stick them on with,
Next up, some cones. These are in little bunches of different amounts and have sticks in between them which you use to stick them into the wreath.
A selection of red and green ribbons, and four LED candles.
And finally, these two decorative pieces!

To begin setting up, I created my wreath in what probably looked like the most ridiculous method. I stuck a chair on top of my kitchen counter and hung the wreath up to that. It wasn't the most foolproof method as every now and then it went flying, but it seemed a good way of doing all the fiddly bits.

After much staring at my wreath I had many ideas and wasn't sure where to go with it. I knew I wanted the robins, and I knew I wanted a candle in the middle, but apart from that I wasn't sure where to go. I contemplated putting the ribbons all the way around it but decided I wanted a bit more of a natural feel. That said, I did still want to use the ribbons, but decided to just keep them to the bottom. As the wreath was green I wanted to use a more reddy focus.

The ribbons were a bit fiddly to get on - they attach like this, and it can be a bit flimsy. That said it does very very willingly attach to the tree, but it took me a while to get it secure enough that I felt comfortable with it.


Next up was the little candle. I wanted it directly in the middle of the base. There was nothing to attach these on with, but again they went on very willingly.

Next up were the robins. These clipped on very happily.

I decided to next use the two decorative pieces. One went on into the left and I was surprised and pleased that it went straight on exactly how I wanted it first time.

The next one, of course, didn't. I wanted to place it directly opposite, but no matter how hard I tried it would not stay. I even tried holding it in place with one of the robins, but it really wasn't having any of it. Eventually I moved it to the top, and it actually looks better there I think.

Next up was the pinecones. I ended up using just the one of these in the end. I'd planned on using all of them, but when I placed my first one I decided it was just right, and adding any more would probably ruin it.

All completed! Here's a look at my completed wreath. It's hanging up on my door at the moment, but it'll move outside in a couple of days.

Overall, I enjoyed making my wreath. It was interesting for me as I'm not really a creative person and I thought I would struggle with it a lot more than I did. I was a little overwhelmed at first but once you actually start making it, it really does just come together. I started off with a few vague plans and it ended up being nothing like any of them, but it was fun to make all the same - and I think I prefer how it came out. I'm looking forward to sticking it outside and being able to show it off to people!

If you'd like to buy your own wreath making bits and pieces, you can do so through the website, here. It was actually a lot cheaper than I expected it to be so hopefully you'll be surprised too - as an example, the wreaths in the style of the one I'm using start from £2.50, the bows are £1.00, and the robins are £2.50. All a really good price and I expected them to be a lot more expensive!

It also came with a little catalogue showing some ideas and other products...
Love all of these baking things! I wish I could make that snowman. Or those Christmas trees. Or even those stars...

They have lots of kitchen crafty things actually - look at all that chocolate!

Some making sets - I really like the look of the bath bomb making set and the soap making set. I've thought about making both for aaaages but don't want to buy all the supplies individually, so something like that really appeals to me.

And of course, you can buy the whole selection through their website. They definitely do a lot more than I thought they did, and I'm certainly looking at buying some more products. Especially with the time of the year, I'm seeing all sorts of things I could use to make some gifts out of, and considering I'm one of the least creative people those of you with actual talents will certainly be able to make something out of it!

How about some bonus pictures?


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  1. Your wreath looks amazing, I feel super festive now!



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