Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Yankee Candle: Winter 2014 Collection

I'm a big Yankee Candle fan and I think I've bought all of their collections this year apart from their Autumn one. I've loved getting to fill my cupboards with fruity and floral scents, but I've been particularly looking forward to getting my hands on their Christmas collection!

As always with me, I chose to go with their selection of wax tarts (find out why here!) and got the collection of ten (two of each) for less than £10. So, let's check out how they actually stand up when it comes to scents, shall we?

First up we have Candy Cane Lane, the scent which I'm pretty sure seems to be the most popular this year. Yankee promise that this scent will remind you of a favourite Christmas place where dreams are made, filled with peppermint, cookies, and vanilla icing. I certainly liked the sound of that, but unfortunately I don't love this scent quite as much as the description made me think I would! It's definitely still a nice smell, I suppose it just doesn't smell quite as authentic as I find Yankee's normally do. I find the peppermint is quite a bit stronger than the other scents and overwhelms it a bit, but this is still one I'll be using this year. It reminds me of Winter Wonderland, Hyde's Park annual Christmas event, but thankfully with less of the chaos that comes with it!

Next we have Christmas Garland, designed to be an aroma of freshly cut pine boughs and zesty berries. I found this one to be more of a subtle scent - but that's exactly what I expected from the description anyway! It's a very warm and homely scent and I actually really, really like it. I suppose in a way this is probably one of the most generic scents in this batch, but it's really nice and well done and is just a nice deep scent that's definitely noticeable but without being overwhelmingly so.

Third up is Icicles, designed to remind you of a crisp winter forest, with notes of ice covered pine branches and cinnamon. I wasn't sure what to expect from this one - perhaps similar to Christmas Garland, but with more of a spicy hint to it? Well, I was completely off - this scent does not smell even slightly like I expected it to, and disappointingly I would say it doesn't really remind me of the description at all. And that's going in knowing full well what it's supposed to remind me of! The different notes in this are strong, and personally I think they're more than a little strange together. For me this one doesn't really work and I'd have to say it's my least favourite out of this batch. 

Next up is Angel's Wings, designed to remind you of sweet spun sugar, flower petals, and smooth vanilla. I'd have to say that this one really does remind me exactly of what it is supposed to - I could easily identify all of the different notes in there, and they blend really well together. It's probably the most subtle scents of the batch but I still wouldn't call it one that you could really use as a background scent. It's really nice though, very sweet and sugary so perhaps not what you'd expect from the name but still a very nice and uplifting scent.

And finally, we have Silver Birch. Silver Birch appears to have been designed as more of an Autumn scent, with the description of an early Fall breeze mixing with with the spicy dryness of just turning leaves. There sure are a lot of tree related scents in this batch, aren't there? That being said, this is a really nicely scented candle as well - and actually, it does remind me of Autumn, yet somehow I still see it being better suited to the current season. Absolutely no idea why! The individual scents are a bit harder to pinpoint in this one as they blend together really nicely. This is a very cosy scent, and if you were looking for a candle to be a bit more in the background, I'd say this one is probably the one to go with.

Overall impressions of this collection? There's definitely some nice scents in there, but honestly, it didn't quite live up to my expectations. I think this is probably the least varied collection that they've done this year - so if you like the scents and the notes then that's great, I just tend to prefer more of a mixture as I like to mix and match the candles to suit my mood! That doesn't make this a bad collection though - I'll still be using them all. If I was to recommend you one scent from this collection, I think I'd tell you to go for Angel's Wings.

I bought my Yankee Candles from yankeedirect - This collection of ten wax tarts cost £9.99, or you can buy them individually for £1.20. If you prefer your candles to be, well, candles, prices start from £7.49. Will you be getting any Yankee Candles this season? Or have some already? If so, which was your favourite?


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