Friday, 30 January 2015

Champneys Bubble Heaven

One of my Christmas presents this year was this trio of Champneys Bubble Heaven products. I do love a good spa and though I've never personally been to a Champneys one I'm certainly very familiar with the name and the reputation of the brand and so I was really excited to give them a go. And over the last month I have most definitely been giving these products a lot of use!

The Bubble Heaven products are, unsurprisingly, a range of bubble bath products filled with all sorts of nice things to make your skin feel great - and of course, have a wonderful scent to them.

You can see the texture in the picture above - as you can probably see already, this is a great, really luxurious feeling product! It's really silky smooth and feels really nice and the scent to them is great. You're supposed to just pour it under the running water but I couldn't see how I would do that without losing half the product so I just used my hand to grab the amount I wanted and then held it under the water - this has added benefits as I actually really like the feel of the product as well, haha. You get a good amount of bubbles from a small amount of product, and I found they lasted about half an hour or so.

Right, onto the individual products this set contains!

First up we have Exotic Retreat, which contains a blend of ylang ylang, coconut and papaya to nourish your skin, and a scent that is supposed to remind you of exotic shores. 

Next up we have Oriental Opulence, which is inspired by traditional oriental recipes and is designed to encourage feelings of wellbeing and tranquility. This is actually the first one I used and I sure did feel a lot calmer after using it - which is impressive considering I'd come home from a gym session! This one contains ylang ylang, sandalwood and patchouli essential oils.

Finally we have Distant Shores which has my favourite scent of the three. It has a tropical fragrance that I really like and leaves your skin moisturised and smooth thanks to the mango and passion fruit extracts. It has grapefruit, lemon, orange peel and cedarwood oils and smells so nice - and not as overpowering as the description suggests!

Overall, I'm really impressed by this set. I hadn't tried anything of Champneys before but after this trio I'd definitely like to try out some more of their products - and of course, one day make it to one of their spas!

This set is probably a lot cheaper than you'd think it would be too - I was surprised! This set costs just £8 which is really impressive to me. They're good sized products and of such good quality, I really expected them to be a lot more. You can look through all of their products here!


  1. Ohh I have these as well and looove them! They look fab in the bathroom too :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. The packagings and products themselves just look stunning !

    Charlie xx


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