Friday, 9 January 2015

Jaw Surgery: The First Two Months of Recovery

It has been eight weeks since I had jaw surgery, which is a very odd thing. What's even more odd is that I can sort of remember how absolutely useless I was for the first five weeks and friends can definitely tell you about that period, and yet it feels like it was absolutely ages ago now.

Well, let's have a quick update anyway - also, please note that this post is scheduled and was written a few days in advance, so if you follow me on twitter I may or may not contradict some of this information at some point, haha.

Pain wise, it's pretty much gone. I do still get the random twinges of pain but they are much less likely now, and when they do happen they are less severe - probably because I've just got used to them! I've found that if they do happen it tends to be when I'm really cold, ie shivering or something.

I have no numbness at all, and no parts that feel a bit odd.

Energy wise I am now completely back to normal. I fidget and I'm hyper and I don't like sitting still! I should also note that I'm writing this the day before I go back to work, but by the time this is posted I will have returned. Eight weeks off work may seem like a long time but actually I completely recommend that much. Though I technically probably could have returned a little earlier I'm really glad I didn't, as it's just the combination of eating and talking and pain and general appearance, I don't feel like I had too long off at all.

Talking - almost completely normal. Still lisping a bit on 's' sounds, which is annoying. My voice is actually slightly different but not unusual - friends have told me that they can tell I sound different, but that if they hadn't known how I sounded before they wouldn't think it sounded odd. My jaw stiffness has mostly gone, literally over the last week I'd say - by that I mean that I had been able to talk so it sounded fine for a while but my jaws would hardly move, so it looked like I was talking through clenched teeth pretty much. That seems to have sorted itself out now.

Eating - Eh. No. Still not there. Eating is incredibly awkward. I use the wrong teeth, food sort of gets stuck everywhere, and it's so much easier to just swallow things whole... I have started adding more solid foods but it's really not working too well. I can eat a biscuit, but it'll take me quite a while. I can eat thin chocolate if I cut it up first. Cornflakes I can just about manage but it's really difficult and painful. Pasta I can sort of eat but it gets stuck everywhere unless I swallow it whole. My mouth doesn't get stuck open anymore and hasn't for a while but the eating process is really not there at all and it's incredibly frustrating. I'm uncomfortable eating in public but I will do it, however in public I am pretty much inclined to just swallow everything whole because it's less awkward. As the day goes on it hurts more as well - last night even trying to chew pancakes was super painful. Biting directly into things isn't something I can do.

Appearance - Getting used to it, but not sure it was an improvement. My teeth look great! Everything else I'm not so sure on. My lips still don't close naturally and I still hate how this looks. It wouldn't be so bad but I had absolutely no problems with them before having the surgery so I don't know why this happened. I can force them closed but it doesn't look great, it makes it look odd, but I will still do this most of the day because at least I don't look really dopey or bitchy when I do it! It is quite a bit of effort to force them closed so this isn't something I can do the whole day. I didn't have anywhere near as dramatic a change as some people did but I'm still not sure on it. It's getting more frequent that I'll look in the mirror and think I don't look that bad, but the lips are what I'm drawn straight to because I really dislike that. I still have two huge lumps on my jaw line but you can only really feel this now.

By the way - definitely had first kissing session since having the surgery. Which added a new level of complexities but not as much as I thought I would!

I will post another update at three months, and that may be the last for a while! Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)

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