Saturday, 17 January 2015

My Little Box January 2015: My Little Energy Box

I was very pleased to open up my post and see that this months' My Little Box was themed after My Little Energy Box. Obviously the picture on the front gives you a fitness theme and I was really excited to see where they were going to go with that idea. In my head I was thinking maybe some sort of fitness accessory, maybe something yoga related, something meditative.

This months' My Little World features lots of interviews, a workout calendar, a recipe for a home made face mask and more! This seems to have a little more content than MLW usually does and features some healthy breakfast recipes I think I'll try as well.

First of all - really liking this little label!

Inside of it was this bag! This is a pretty good sized bag actually, I think you'd be able to fit a fair few things in there. Right now this isn't something I'd use as my gym is a grand total of one minute away and therefore I just go home to shower and get changed, but if you're not so lucky I think this would be great. I'm definitely still going to keep it and will get use out of it though - I don't swim often but this will be good for when I do, and I have a lot of physical training days at work coming up that this will work great for.

There's also this little calendar. I already have a big wall calendar this year but I think I will still be using this to plan out my weeks a little better. I use my phone to record stuff straight into but I do like having something I can properly write in too. 

On to the beauty goods!
This is Alika's Photo-Hydra Day, which is a moisturiser that uses energy from natural light to delve deep into the skin. Apparently. I will be giving this a go although the idea of natural light is entertaining me at the moment! At the very least I can say this has a lovely scent to it.

Next up is the monthly My Little Beauty product - this time its an energising mist. I always find these products so confusing as I can never quite work out what they're supposed to do or why they think they can do it, but I will give this one a try. I don't love the smell though - I can't pinpoint exactly what it is it reminds me of, but it's not something I like!

Finally we have a nail polish from Nails Inc London and I LOVE THIS COLOUR. It's a shame I've destroyed my nails because I am basically going to finish this post and then go and put it on, that's how much I like it. A really pretty, dark colour, I really like it.

And that's this month's My Little Box! Overall I think this was a good box and I'm happy with my little goodies this time around - I think they could have done a bit more with the theme as really there was only actually one fitness related product and there were fewer items than usual, but I liked what I got so I suppose it doesn't really matter! Head over to the website if you're interested in subscribing :)


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