Friday, 23 January 2015

The Body Shop: Mini Sales Haul

I know, Christmas is gone, but that doesn't mean that The Body Shop's amazing scents have to be! Here's a mini haul of Body Shop goodies I got recently from their Christmas range.

First of all, these two little perfumes. I love these, they are both nicely scented and I actually prefer the size - I really like perfume which means I buy a lot and never finish a bottle, so for me something this sort of size actually works best for me. I am a big fan of the apple scent as you'll soon see, but the cranberries I had less of an interest in - I literally only got the second perfume because I needed to add an extra £2 to my order to qualify for something but actually I really like it. I adore the apple scent, but the cranberries are a lot more wearable.

Next up, I got the Book of Peace...

...which contains all of these lovely goodies! All with the Glazed Apple scent. You get a cute little heart shaped soap, and a lip balm that I'm using right now for my nights out! It's not the easiest lip balm to use and I wouldn't say it lasts that long on your lips, but it's got a nice light scent to it and it's good for more casual use when your lips aren't really suffering.

It also comes with a little body butter and a little shower gel. As I've said above about the perfumes, the small size actually works much better for me. I basically collect Body Shop shower gels, I have so many in so many different scents that I just never finish them and the bathroom is sort of overflowing with them. If I could get these mini sizes all year round it would work so much better for me - even if it would mean I'd have more space so I'd end up buying even more!

I also got this lollipop of lip balms. I have major lip dryness problems and for some reason it's got so much worse since jaw surgery. I wasn't sure how good these would be - last year I bought their lip butter set and honestly, I have a real love hate relationship with that set. I love the scents to them and I love the feel so I ended up completely emptying every single one of them, however I wouldn't say that they actually did anything for my lips! These ones come in different fruity scents, some with a bit of colour to them, and they really do smell amazing. I'm always forgetting to bring lip balm with me so I've ended up putting one in each of the bags that I use the most so that I can keep variety to it! These don't last as long as if you'd use a staple product like good old vaseline but they do feel nice on your lips and definitely have more of an effect than the lip butters do!

You can view the body shop website here.


  1. I bought the lollipop lip balm thing for my mum for Christmas and she loved it! Also, even more glazed apple love haha... I'm genuinely jealous about the soap and body butter.

  2. Those lip balms look so sweet all packaged up like that! xo


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