Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Month in Pictures; December 2014

At the beginning of the month I took my first proper walk since having surgery, which probably doesn't sound like a big deal but it was SO MUCH EFFORT for me at the time. I chose to do just a walk of an hour or so along the Thames and it was so cold! I love the little bus statues that are everywhere at the moment, I took photos of quite a few of them but this one was probably my favourite. I am less fond of the Paddingtons, but I did like the Shakesbear.

This is my Christmas tree, decorated almost exclusively from stuff we have collected from various pound shops over the years - I still think it looks pretty good! The centre picture was the first of my cold weather clothing that I've been loving, and the third photo is my first meal out since having jaw surgery; just a giant ice cream with bits of brownie in it from Pizza Express! We went to the London Aquarium and then went there for an early dinner afterwards. That may or may not have been the only one I ate...

Some pictures from Christmas evening itself. On the left are two little robots; a friend gave me a set to make your own walking robots so I made these two little guys and thought they were really cute! In the middle is our Christmas food, I was pleased that I managed to eat most of it although it turned out carrots were still impossible. In the vegetable pile I had a sectioned off bit with vegetables that had been extra boiled so it was more likely I'd be able to eat them, and I was the only non vegetarian so all of the chicken was mine! I don't do a family Christmas, I get friends over instead, so here's me (in the red) and a friend in our reindeer jumpers!

December is of course the time of discount shopping, so I got a little bit goodie happy. That first picture is my new toothbrush, which I had to take pictures of because I thought it was so ridiculous. There's a post on that next Monday, if you're interested! Next to that is my lovely smelling new bubble bath products from Champneys which I'll be posting about riiiight at the end of the month (see how my new scheduling thing is going? Yeah we'll see) and finally some of my new Body Shop products (can you tell that I love Glazed Apple? It's so good) which I'll be posting about in two weeks. :)

You know how I had that huge list of crafts I was going to take up while I was on medical leave? Yeah. I didn't. But eventually I sort of did! That's my first little craft, a little chick. I'm actually pretty proud of him, he's not completely deformed or anything! He is however faceless, but I've ordered some googly eyes and some felt to finish him off. I've owned the wool to make him for about three years now, naturally now I've successfully completed a project I've ordered a pack of 20 more colours... Also this month I got organisation happy with sorting my room out. That middle one is a little unit I got to put my make up in, it was only around £5. Finally, my current candle collection - discovered I have enough tealights and wax tarts to literally fill a drawer up with them!

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