Monday, 16 February 2015

5 Recommended Netflix Shows

I suddenly got really, really into TV whilst on medical leave. Normally I don't have time to watch much of it, and as at the start I had no attention span and therefore no choice, Netflix became my friend. It turned out I found it much easier to get into TV shows than movies (which really surprised me!), so here are my five favourites that have been occupying me over the last few months.

1. Orange is the New Black
  I started watching this show about a year ago and surprised myself by watching the first season in just a couple of weeks - normally I really struggle to get into TV shows, but I was hooked on this one pretty much straight away. I would say it is the first show where I have really cared about so many characters since Lost. Basically, this is a show about the inmates at a women's prison - but it is much more than that! It's a real character driven show where you'll find yourself really caring about what happens to the characters and finding yourself relating to them - even though on the surface most of them are not pleasant people at all. I have been recommending this show to pretty much everyone since I first started watching it, so I might as well recommend it to you as well! I can't wait for season three of this.

2. Breaking Bad
  I genuinely struggle with including this show here because I thought it was great, but I also don't know if I'd recommend it. The acting in this show is incredible - Bryan Cranston really surprised me, and this show introduced me to Aaron Paul who is a phenomenal actor. This show is great at really developing the characters and really getting you to understand them (to the extent that I fell in love with Jesse Pinkman instead of the actor who plays him, very rare for me!) however it's also incredibly slow at times. I found season one okay, I really struggled to get through season two and part of season three - and then suddenly I was incredibly emotionally invested in it and powered through the remaining three seasons in about two weeks. I'd say this can be quite a hard show to get through as it is slow paced quite frequently, so I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend it - even though I did find that by the end I had really enjoyed it as a whole and am still thinking about some of the strange feelings it made me feel! In short, this is a show about a chemistry teacher who discovers he has cancer and so teams up with a former student to manufacture and sell meth to pay his medical bills.

3. American Horror Story
  This show differs from most in that each season has a completely different location and storyline. Currently, I'm nearly at the end of season two. Season one is based around a haunted house and I thought it was really good, though towards the end I felt like I would quite like it to hurry up and end as it was ruining what had been great - still a recommendation though! Season two is based around an asylum, and honestly, I've struggled with it for the whole season. There are some really good moments in it and some really horrible ones where I just have to wince at the screen, but I'm not enjoying it as much as the first and am tempted to skip straight to the next season, Coven. I'd still recommend you watch this show though, it has some great ideas to it and I'm enjoying the novelty of a horror themed show.

4. The Inbetweeners
  We've had the big American dramas, let's move on the low brow British comedy hey? I love the Inbetweeners, it turns out. This is a surprise to me, as I watched the first episode when it was first on TV and thought it was absolutely awful so I never watched it again. Until recently, when I watched every single episode in a week. It turns out that I now find this show absolutely hilarious. It's a comedy about four sixth formers and their lives, and I find it ridiculously funny - worryingly, I also find it reminds me of when I was about 14! If you like your comedies serious and thoughtful then this is not the one for you, but I do find it very funny and want to get hold of the movies ASAP.

5. iCarly
  Yes, really. The Nickelodeon show. Yep. This is about Carly, a high schooler who stars a web show with two of her best friends. AND IT'S SO FUNNY. I don't care. I think this show is hilarious. It is quite a random show, but one that I actually find amusing. This is probably helped by the fact that I'm in love with her brother, Spencer, but still, this is a great show when you don't want to watch something too serious.

What are your Netflix favourites at the moment?


  1. This is so weird - just half an hour ago I was looking online for Netflix recommendations and you post this! I settled on Dexter, as I;ve seen orange is the new black (loved it!), and Breaking Bad (far too much death), and am completely obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. If you haven;t seen PLL, I'd definitely recommend! x

  2. These are all favourites of mine, and I'm so so guilty of watching icarly at like 3am. I can highly recommend h20 just add water, on that note...

    Sammy xo.


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