Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Food Review: Champagne Buffet Brunch at the Landmark Hotel

Recently we've had reason to celebrate, and so decided to look up a champagne brunch. We came across The Landmark Hotel's Sunday brunch option - I've eaten at The Winter Garden before and it was really good, and the menu was just so massive and varied that nothing else we came across could compare, so of course we ended up choosing it. We were pretty lucky as the reservation people told us it was booked for ages but luckily we called up the day before and got a cancellation.

There were two musicians playing throughout - although at the end we did notice that the piano was continuing to play by itself, keys moving as if by ghost and all!

The view of the hotel atrium from the level we were at!

Did I mention that the champagne was unlimited? It's one of those places where they sort of just continually fill your glass up so you're not entirely sure how many glasses you've had.

My friend wanted to go ahead and go crazy with the choices that he wanted, but I told him that to get our moneys worth we needed to plan it a little better. I didn't get pictures of our first course, but it was typical breakfast food - but such excellent quality! I went with scrambled eggs, salmon and pork sausages - and then went back and had it all again because seriously, it was so nice.

Our next courses consisted of salad and fish options. The salad choices are a lot more varied and more of main meals than you'd expect. We went a bit wrong here as we both got a lot of sushi which filled us up earlier than we needed it too! We both went for some salady options and my friend also got some prawns, whilst I went for a crab cocktail and some sort of lobstery soup!

Not pictured, but there were also more hidden main courses - I went for a sea bass with some vegetables and mashed potato next.

Next up we went for a roast. You had a choice of a few different meats and sauces, and then went with the typical Yorkshire puddings, potatoes and vegetables to go with it.

Now on to the important bit - the desserts!

First was the chocolate fountain. I didn't have anything from this as I was prioritising the other desserts, but my friend had a few chocolate coated marshmallows. And now I'm just going to pic spam you with some of the dessert selection - not pictured so much but there were also fruit options, both free selection and in little pots, and a few cheeses.

As you can see there was a very good selection of desserts. Between us we had at least one of everything and they were all absolutely delicious!

It does mean you ended up coming back with plates looking like this though. Considering the cost of the place there were quite a few pretentious people looking down at our choices, haha. Even a small child judged us for the amount of desserts we were consuming!

And finally, they also brought me over this at the end - the congratulations was for passing the assessment centre for a new role, by the way! 

Overall, we had a good time at this. We probably did get our moneys worth due to sheer amazing quantities of food that we ate and probably for the champagne as well, and the food really is of really high quality. It's still pricey at £90 each but if you've got something to celebrate then I'd recommend it as a one off - you can view the information and menu here!


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  1. Wow!!! This brunch is so delicious and well-prepared. Wish I could join. ^^


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